Do Women Elected to Office Make a Difference? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-01


In our contemporary politics, women have chosen to run for political offices despite the stereotype that they should only take care of the family and perform the household chore. They have made a significant impact on the political field. For more than sixty years, women have been courageous enough to face their male counterparts during general elections and contesting in other political post posts. They have also proved to be productive in discharging administrative duties in the political offices they hold. For instance, in the United States, more women have ventured in politics to replace poorly performing male counterparts. More than 500 women in the US have declared an interest in running for Congress offices. Statistics show that twenty percent of Congress members are women. The paper seeks to demonstrate the numerous differences made by women elected into office.

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Arguably, women elected in office makes a huge difference in that they are better representatives than their male counterparts. Women tend to spend more time communicating with their electorates than men who may assume that it is normal for them to be elected in office. They inform their constituents what is happening in the congress especially the bills and laws meant to solve their problems. When women are elected to office, they tend to serve their constituents with utmost good faith by. They even set up more offices in their constituencies and nominate representatives to collect views from the general public. The move is essential because the constituency representative will know all the problem affecting her electorates. Women make a difference when elected in to office because they deliver more funds from the state and the federal government to their constituencies than men. Women representatives put the government into the task to serve its citizens by requesting more funds to finance numerous projects in their districts. Nonetheless, women tend to represent the interests of their electorates during the enactment of laws more than how men do. They are also good sponsors of bills that are of public interest. When women establish the problem of their constituents, they are in the frontline in sponsoring and supporting bills that would alleviate the issues affecting her constituent. Undisputedly, make a paramount difference when elected in office.

Another difference made by elected women is that they overwhelmingly represent the rights of women who have for a long time been neglected by society. Ideally, the female gender feels the difference when women are elected in political office because most of their grievances are addressed through the passing of legislation. Women tend to sponsor female related bills that support the welfare of women in society. The presence of a large number of women in, for instance, the US Congress has changed the activities of the legislature. The main difference realized by elevating women into office is the change of the congress business witnessed in the past three decades. The gender-based violence directed to females has drastically decreased with legislation of bills control the behavior perpetrated by men. Another difference of increase in the number of women in a legislative body is that they have introduced a policy that governs family leave. Female legislators are imperative in challenging men in the legislative house to table more bills aimed at protecting the interest of the female gender. This is a huge difference of women in office because if the female gender is not represented, they will regularly suffer under the leadership of men who know nothing about the female gender rights.

Election of women into office makes a difference in that they focus on health policies of the general public which might otherwise be neglected by the male representatives. They make a difference because they champion the civil rights and rights of women in society. Women legislators have addressed the pressing issues in the community like ensuring education for the girl child and their wellbeing. Electing women in an office improves the economy of a country since they propose policies that are aimed at expanding the economic base of the state. Ideally, women representation makes a positive impact in the growth of country's economy, by the way, the sponsor economic bills in the legislative house. Women legislators have a positive effect on how the government is run. Women are essential in realizing the progress of a country. Research shows that women are poised to pass more laws than men hence making a notable difference in politics of the country. The economic impact of women elected in office is that they encourage attainment of necessary education of young people which is essential in the economic growth of a country. Lack of education makes the country to be weaker because most of the uneducated individuals cannot secure employment due to lack of skills and knowledge.

Women elected in offices tend to be very influential in various ways. Involvement of women in politics and political leadership improves the institution's credibility as well as strengthening processes of democracy. Women in office make a difference in decision making. They influence the decision made to ensure that the reached decisions are for the public interest but not for the few greedy officials. Women are known for their stand of opposing the bad policies meant to exploit her electorates. Nevertheless, women make a lot of difference when they are elevated into office because they may be more experienced than men. Research has it that women are more productive than their male counterparts. When women are in office, they show a lot of expertise that assists the country in making positive developments. They have policies that if implemented changes the lives of their constituents. Most of the women elected in office tend to start programs to encourage the youth and the marginalized groups in the society. There is a need for more women to occupy the office to show a significant difference in the community.


In conclusion, the presence of many women in the office is essential for the development of policies that would serve the public interest. Women are concerned with the welfare of society like education, the rights of individuals and the initiation of peace programs. Women in office tend to encourage other women in society to make positive impacts in their lives as well as mobilizing them to reject policies that are not beneficial to the community. They also act as leaders for other women. For example, the elected women make a difference in political activities when they mobilize women to vote out leaders with integrity issues. Society has experienced numerous changes with the election of women in offices. Women can present their grievances through their elected women leaders unlike in the past when they had no representatives. Electing women immensely matters since they are aware of the problems facing society.

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