Essay on the Drug Enforcement Techniques and Programs

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Date:  2021-06-25

The drug enforcement techniques and programs pursue organizations and individuals responsible for the production and distribution of illegal drugs. It uses both traditional and innovative drug control and approaches to accomplish its single mission of drug law enforcement (Sloboda & Bukoski, 2003). Six principle goals drive the operation of the drug enforcement administration. The implementation of these aims requires various resources. These goals address intelligence execution and law enforcement assistance. The first goal is to reduce the gang violence associated with drug trafficking and prevent the emergence of powerful organized criminal gangs. Criminal gang members make up the bulk of the street-level drug smugglers (Sloboda & Bukoski, 2003). The youth and teenagers in the society indulge in these drugs resulting in them living a radical lifestyle. These teens become addicts of narcotics at an early age and drop out of schools thus compromising the prosperity of the society in which they live.

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The need to control street crimes committed by drug users is the another objective of drug administration agency. This goal bases on the fact that most incidences of crime are attributed to drug use. Many people who have developed an addiction to expensive drugs such as heroin and cannot afford their habit will commit crimes to buy the drugs (Wilson & Kolander, 2011). Through multiple ways such as social, psychological and cultural factors are used to identify people who are at risk of becoming delinquents and drug users.

The third objective is to improve the health, economic and social well-being of drug addicts. The socio-ecological model helps us to understand the ecosystem, which highlights each, is influenced by a unique set of opportunities and constraints shaped by a complex interaction of biological social and environments factors that play out over the course of individual lives (Wilson & Kolander, 2011). Furthermore, the drug administration prevents kids from experiments with drugs through educating them about the dangers of using such drugs thus making them develop a clear understanding and making informed choices as they grow up. Psychological studies indicate the most drug addicts have a background of having experimented with drugs at an early age (Robertson et al., 2003). Through education, the children understand and appreciate how drugs will interfere with specific grand plans depending on set short or long-term goals. They will begin to think of what they want to do and accomplish.

The other objective of the drug administration agency is to protect the integrity of criminal justice commission. Involving the community fully and in consulted delivery of their services will transform the police organizations into rights-respecting institutions and strengthen public confidence in the authorities (Robertson et al., 2003). It also aims at restoring the quality of life in urban communities by ending street-level drug dealing. Communities need to be educated on the importance of their lives. They need to be empowered on what life has to offer free from drugs through community policing and initiating recovery programs such as football to prevent them from an idle lifestyle, which may result in drug and criminal life.


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