Essay Example on Statement of Work in Projects and Contracts

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A statement of work pays a critical role in the success for both projects and contracts in the management of organizations in they help in guaranteeing the work that has been scheduled will be done according the to the plan and the guidelines that have been set for the completion of the same. It also helps to ascertain that the projects being carried out meet the expectations of the organizations and that it remains to be of high quality. A statement of work is of great helps to contractors and the collaborators outside organizations in that they guide such parties to ensure that the work to be done is completed to a standard that can meet the organizational objectives and fulfills the needs of specific projects. A high quality statement of work needs to include various aspects of projects such as the work details, terms, schedules, and the expected outcomes for the projects to deliver organizational goals. There is a need for it to be done in the correct manner without omitting any details. A statement of work is used in a variety of projects, and can range from a single visual design and to a large government contract.

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The company aims at preserving the water sources through planning of trees in the community and especially bin the water catchment areas. The company has rolled out a master plan that can help in the accomplishment of the stated objectives and provide ways of protecting the water catchment areas in addition to the ensuring proper disposal of wastes. Much focus for the company is the aquifers as it is expected that the sources of water for the city, hence for the company is from the aquifers. The great challenge to the plan of increasing the supply of water is the high competition as there are limited sources of water; this proves the need to preserve the available sources and help in improving the usage of water. The projects would provide various benefits to the environment by increasing water supply from the Surficial Aquifer, additionally, the project would also help in the reduction of the quantity of Surficial Aquifer sources of water required by the company and the community as a whole.


The main objective of the project is to increase the forest cover in the community by protecting the available water sources and increasing the water catchment areas in the population. Secondly, the project aims at improving the water treatment plants and enlightening the population about the benefits of preserving water for the benefits of the society as a whole.

Scope of Work

The project would deal with the construction of tree nurseries which would help in the planting of the tree seedlings which would then be planted to the designated areas. Moreover, the project aims at fencing the water catchment areas to prevent both animals and human beings from encroaching into such areas. Finally, there would be the improvement of water treatment methods to help in improving the methods of treating water for the benefits of water to the society.

Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for tree planting proves to be of great importance in that it helps in organizing the work of the project team into sections that are easy to manage. In the tree planting project, a WBS would be of great importance in that it would highlight the various activities that are to be carried out in during the process. In the WBS, the first plan would be to carry out the economic studies which proves to be of great importance in that it involves the analysis of the equipment required for the project, the selection process for the equipment, the size of the project team, and financial requirements for the project. Additionally, there would also be the identification of standards to be used for performance and quality and estimation of relevant costs to use during the project.

Secondly, there would be the analysis of financing of the project, and this is the identification of the banks that can finance, the investors that find the project beneficial and appreciate its viability, and the bonds that can help in providing funds for the project. Third, there would be the establishment of the project management support to create the secretariat that will champion the project to ensure that it is done at the right standards and completed at the right time. In this manner, the WBS helps in scheduling of all activities, estimating the durations of every activity, accounting for the expenditure, and developing the right public relations between the project team and the community for the success of the project. Fourth, there is the feasibility and functional design where there will be highlighting of preliminary layouts and relevant the concepts of the project that can help in a timely, cost-effective and high-quality completion. It also the stage where there will be the outlining of specifications and updating of costs. Moreover, the fifth stage is carrying out site development studies where there will be the delineating of the location to create the tree nursery and the identification of the right water catchment areas. Activities at this stage are such as identification of location and size, carrying out surveys, developing the right layouts, identification of utilities during and after the project, and miscellaneous factors in the project. Finally, there is the approval process where the project acquires approval from the government and the relevant authorities and the environmental agencies to ensure that the project is done within the confines of the law.

When it comes to finances, the WBS helps budgeting for the tournament by ensuring that the secretariat is able to acquire the amount of finds needed for the whole tournament and there is proper budgeting of funds available. Additionally, the WBS helps in stipulating how to get the finances and the processes that would be followed to achieve such (Roboredo, Aizemberg, Pessoa & Mello, 2014). Cash management also proves to be a critical part of WBS and ensures that available finances are distributed equitably to the various activities during the football tournament. In terms of financials, the WBS proves to be of importance as it helps in identifying how and the much entry fee, the sale of tickets, and sponsorships would create revenues for the tournament. Checking of the expenses would also be possible through accounting for cash prizes, rental, equipment and the field for the tournament among other fees and expenditures that would be used during the tournament (Vincent & Harris, 2014). Additionally, there is the examination of access to loans and credits reserve from the company in facilitating the tournament. Finally, the WBS helps in the confirming how cash management would be possible through payments, receipts and transaction records in before and during the tournament.


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