Essay on an Unforgettable Experience: A Robbery Incident

Date:  2021-06-02 20:54:50
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Most, if not all of the occurrences that happen in life are always beyond our capacity and control as human beings. It's not our responsibility to determine what happens but it certainly is within our ability to determine the actions that we take after an event or incident has occurred. With the surprises that life holds, it becomes difficult or at times even impossible to tell what is going to happen the next minute, and so when the unexpected happens, most of the people are always thrown in a sea of dilemma and confusion pondering on the best course of action to take in their quest to salvage the situation. I have been as unlucky as to have found myself in such a situation a couple of years back. The gruesome experience occurred when I was 17 years old, a young teenager then, living with my grandmother in the Caribbean country of Jamaica. It was a robbery incident that caught me unawares and from which I was able to learn a lot on the appropriate actions that should be adopted in case such an incident ever repeats itself. I came to understand that given the gravity of such an incident as the robbery, it's always prudent to ensure the involvement of the relevant authorities for the situation to be contained preventing it from getting out of hand.

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It all happened one chilly morning when I had been sent by my grandmother to the nearby store to buy a loaf of bread. On reaching the store, I noticed that things were a bit out of the norm. Two suspicious men were standing close to the entrance of the store pretending to be going through the newspapers that they were holding in their hands. Their eyes were on and off the newspapers. At one moment, they were busy perusing through the newspapers while at others, they were advancing some glances towards the shoppers present in the store in a manner likely to suggest that they were up to something not so good. I, however, was not bothered by this and embarked on what had brought me to the store in the first place.

I proceeded to make my purchase and no sooner had I left the store than the suspicious men came in and quickly ordered everybody in the store to lie down. We all had to heed to their command and did as they said. I luckily got a chance of sneaking out of the store during the commotion only that one of the robbers had seen me, something which sent fear and chills down my spine and created a cloud of confusion on what I was going to do next. Luckily again, I managed to escape the horrible ordeal, and on reaching home, I got to share with my grandmother on the life-threatening nightmare that I had just witnessed. My grandmother reacted angrily and was so disappointed in me for failing to report the matter to the law enforcement agency that could have helped a great deal with the issue.

I swore never to depict such an act of irresponsibility and that I would be more prudent next time. I came to the realization that people could have lost their lives including myself. Since then, I have assumed it to be my responsibility to report any suspicious event or people to the relevant authorities tasked with the mandate of ensuring the people's security through combating such incidences. I could have been injured or even killed due to my failure to alert other people of the suspicions that I had. It has since then become clear to me that in the case of such occurrences; I should always step up to the occasion and follow the necessary protocol in ensuring that malicious acts of robbery and theft are mitigated in an appropriate manner.

Having learned my lessons, albeit the hard way, I have since then assumed it to be my responsibility to ensure that I put my security and the security of others in the forefront. Maybe, if I had reported the incident that day, a similar incident which occurred a few days later wouldn't have happened. I feel like I am the one shouldering the gravity of the matter and will next time follow the appropriate protocol when faced with such a situation as robbery.

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