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The United States of America Congress formulated an act known as the USA PATRIOT Act, which people understand well as the Patriot Act. After the Congress passed the bill, the then president of America, George Walker Bush appended his signature to assent the act into law in the year 2001 (Wralstad & Lutz, 2014). The name of this act is a devised three initials, USA, which are then followed by an acronym of seven letters, PATRIOT. The combination, therefore, stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. It is imminent to note that this acronym was a creation by a 23-year-old Congress staff by the name of Chris Cylke (Wralstad & Lutz, 2014). The act was to respond to one of the attacks in America that took place in September and the anthrax attack that occurred in the year 2001. The law was to solidify and strengthen national security. It is therefore essential to know that this significant role for this act was to curb and make the national security organs powerful to avert any attacks from the terrorists.

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Hate Crimes

Hate crime is often referred to as a bias crime. Hate crime is, therefore, any of the wrongdoings that are prejudice instigated. The actions may take place any time when the crime perpetrator aims at a victim because of their affiliations to specific categories (Gerstenfeld, 2017). Some of these categories may include religion, ethnicity, race, and other social classes. Hate crimes are rampant in America. They range from racism, religious differences, political differences, and other differences. These hate crimes are so bad such that they lead to massive loss of lives, loss of property as well as the loss of human dignity. However, most of these crimes have been fading off as people become civilized.

On November 15, 2018, there was a shooting in Kentucky which was perpetrated by an American, Gregory Bush. The shooting was aimed to kill an African-American man and his wife as well. Gregory Bush succeeded in the murder. He, however, attempted to kill a third person at the Kroger Grocery store in the town of Jeffersontown in Kentucky. The murderer, who is a 51-year-old American residing in Kentucky, was arrested and charged for murder. He was also accused of hate crimes and violation of the firearms act. From the incident, it paints a clear image that the victims were murdered simply because of their skin color. Therefore this incident is an excellent example of hate crimes in America. Gregory Bush was scheduled to appear in the court of law on January 15, 2019, for the hearing. If the perpetrator would be found guilty, he would face life imprisonment or a death penalty. Hate crimes are highly discouraged in all the part of the world. They are retrogressive and amount to the loss of innocent lives as well as the loss of property. They may, therefore, affect economic development.

The above incident can be classified as a hate crime for several reasons. Some of these reasons include: The murderer was an American; therefore, he targeted to an African-American man and his wife for what we can say is the racial difference. The incident does not give any reason why the murderer decided to murder the two victims. The second reason seems to have killed the person to get himself thrilled. The murderer killed the African-American man and woman for no reason.

Nevertheless, it could be that the man murdered the two to feel happy with himself. The targeted the duo, of the African-American origin and not American. It is, therefore, an indicator that the man was biased and wanted to kill the two because he disliked their race. He might have despised the race, thinking that he was superior to the race of the victims. Thanks to the laws that are attempting to curb the problem of hate crimes. All the people should live with each other knowing that irrespective of the skin color and other differences. The rights of the people must be protected regardless of their race, religion, or other social classes.

Intelligence and Investigation

Intelligence and investigation are two distinct terms. Intelligence refers to any information that security organs may possess about a planned attack or crime, which allows them to avert it before taking place. Investigation, on the other hand, refers to the process of trying to gather the information that would help the security organs to know about a crime that took place (Johnson, 2015). These two processes are critical, as in the security of a nation. Technology is essential in facilitating investigations an adequate acquiring intelligence. Through information technology, the investigators, as well as the intelligence officers, can acquire necessary information about criminals through the use of technological gadgets. Technology also facilitates justice in the courts as the criminals are arraigned in courts and charges filed. The suspects also get to follow the court proceedings via technological gadgets, and justice is delivered on time (Johnson, 2015).

A comparison between intelligence and investigation would reveal similarities such as the importance of the information provided by each. Intelligence would help to avert crime and bring to book the criminals (Johnson, 2015). Similarly, the investigations that would be conducted may come up with information that would help prevent a felony of the same nature in the future and to arrest those that have already committed a crime. Differences are, however more. Some of the differences between investigations and intelligence may include time orientation, data gathering and analyzing methods, the necessary skills, the type of conclusion as well as dissemination (Johnson, 2015).

The information from the intelligence officers aid in the prevention of crimes by allowing the security agencies to prepare to handle or avert a crime. The information that investigators may obtain assists in arresting criminals who perpetrate a crime as well as helping in the prevention of such a crime in the future (Johnson, 2015).


Hate crimes are rampant in most countries in the world. These crimes are bad as they cause many effects such as loss of lives and property. However, with the civilization taking place in the world, these crimes are significantly dropping. Additionally, various governments in the world are coming up with laws to prevent these crimes. All over the world, people should say no to hate crimes.


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