Essay on Biomimicry Innovation by Janine M Benyus

Date:  2021-06-25 10:02:38
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Biomimicry book is one of the best books which is focused on informing on nature's best solutions to problems of the 21st century. Biomimicry is an invention drawn from nature. The book is introduced to us by scientists making significant developments by discovering and reproducing from wonders in nature. There is seeking of solutions, events, repair to the environment, production of sustainable energy and improvements to products that already exist. Those scientists were able to produce solar fuels in the same way plants were able to convert sunlight to energy by a comparison leaf cells to solar fuel cells. According to Janine, the best technologies were those that reflected nature. This kind of technology teaches people to combine with nature and not influence it. Technologies that are not in harmony with nature are likely to make the earth lifeless as warned by Benyus. There are unlimited happenings; energy produced by solar cells that mimic photosynthesis, farming without fertilizing and pesticides a mimic of the natural balance upset in the ecosystem computers that do not use electricity all reliable and faster than their previous versions respectively. Scientists used Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery in stirring protein, in turn, creating energy that powers computers. We are taken to the lab and shown inventions of drugs by observation of what a chimpanzee eats when sick and its reaction. Benyus offers lessons in her final chapters that promote harmony between man and nature while putting into consideration culture and economy. Benyus uses simple language to show people how to implement creativity.

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Ideally, innovations, whether in composite science, farming or computing are a product of human creativity. Through the Science writer Benyus, a great lesson is learned from these subjects with and a demonstration of how nature bring the solution to different situations have been one of the important ideas when it come to bringing solution, or even developing or just revitalizing products or process. The book is mostly focused on the ecological design, where Biomimicry is teaming with life and what we can learn from it. Benyus through Biomimicry can tackle some of the significant challenges that humanity is facing in the twenty-first century, from how we will harness energy, how we will harness energy, how we will feed ourselves to how we will conduct business and manufacture goods from the perspective of the entire ecosystem. The book brings a great learning experience on how nature can bring solutions to its problem, not through the method of isolated mechanical adaptation but through different designs that are honed by the interaction that exists between the components of the entire living system.

Benyus's writing is perceived to be fascinating and vibrant as her subject with a story on how natures promise redemption in every chapter. Ideally, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature is all about how human beings could have a seriously high tech and a civilization type which is entirely sustainable and that one which can seamlessly blend into the earth. No contradictions do exist between sustainability and the high tech living and for that world to be achieved. Benyus Janine through a credible manner, can provide the explanation that our role as human beings is only to study, emulate and respect nature has that is the primary responsibility that we can play as human beings

Through Biomimicry, Benyus provides the definition biomimicry as a new science that concentrates on and focuses on the study of natures models and then takes inspiration or imitates from those processes and designs so as to bring the solution to human problems. This is very significant since it can allow nature to relate to people in order to come up with solutions to some challenges. Additionally, further elaboration is demonstrated by Benyus, by showing that, this is a science that is full of some creative practitioners. New and unique ideas are brought through Biomimicry, where you found out those ideas that provide us portraits of research based on cutting edge into coming up food like a prairie is developed. With new weaving fibers like a spider, gathering energy like a leaf running a business like a redwood forest computing like a cell is expressed.

Being that Biomimicry being one of the innovations that are inspired by nature. About Benyus Biomimetics, the most important message is that architects, innovators, and engineers are identified to be nature apprentices; she was able to provide a lecture in 2009 in the famous TED talk. We learned that human inventions are actually, paralleling nature in a virtual manner. The washing tissue can make their nest from resembling endpapers of Italian. Benyus gave the explanation that of time she can give one time and let them grow on her property. Basically, through this everything was so architectural and beautifully done. On the other hand, Benyuss consultancy brings solution to companies and helps them look for scientific literature and the assembling of amoeba through the distilled zebra reports which can provide principles which are the natural design that can enable the engineer to work with.

With the famous quote that we are awake currently and the major question which is arising is how to stay awake to the world which is every time living and how are we able to make act of having to ask advice from nature forming a normal part of every days invention, Benyus being a famous innovation , author and consultant may in her book coined the biomimicry term, though she was able to popularize it during 1997 by helping bring biomimicry into the vocabulary of the 21st century. Finally, the major theme that is expressed in Biomimicry is that Benyus says that our body society would be able to come up with a more sustainable world through emulating the natural organism that is surrounding all around us.

In conclusion, Benyuss through the book is able to bring out series of good stories through which she is able to bring out useful information which is rich in biological information with exact and elaborate information on the natural world functions that as a species, it's essential to survive on. How we can produce food through mimicking tactics of nature of bringing diversification when it comes to our crop selection and how we produce energy through mimicking photosynthesis principles. Finally, the only critique that can be raised about the beautiful book of Benyus is that it has not taken full advantage of pictures and from a scientific and a designer perspective simple sketch and use of pictures is important since it plays a major role in enhancing understanding of books focusing on ecology.

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