Essay on Drugs and Crime

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Date:  2021-05-24

Drugs are substances that when consumed or introduced into the body can cause a physiological change in the body. Most pharmaceutical drugs are medicines. On the other hand, there exist illegal drugs that have the potential to cause adverse effects on the boy when used (Bean, 2014). It is a crime to be in possession, manufacture and distribute the drugs classified as illegal. The problem of drug control has been a major concern in several countries around the world. As a matter of fact, drugs may lead to crime such as robbery, rape, and even murder, especially when the use of a drug affects a persons capacity to think properly. Accordingly, it is arguable that drug use and distribution should be controlled to ensure a reduction in drug-related criminal activities.

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For the past decades, there has been an excellent record on illicit drug trafficking by several criminal groups and organizations. The habit is a growing concern to several economic developments. Uncontrolled use of drugs poses significant threat to several advancements in all sectors of an economy. In with Inciardi (1986), drug trafficking organizations have undermined state authorities and the rule of laws. The term illicit drugs are used in this paper to represent narcotics drugs and psychotic substances. On the scope of drugs and crime problems, several nations have resulted to coordinate internationally to combat the illegal drug business. The war against drugs has been futile and very expensive, as the bodies concerned with combating drug sometimes fail to discover the source. Crime is often high when a nation has a considerable number of cartels that sell drugs (Bean, 2014). In view of this, it is important to fight drug use, as this is the way to ensure a reduction in crimes cases in various states.

The hazardous problems of drug trafficking have caused several crimes and deaths of individuals. The organizations involved in the production, distribution, and trafficking of the illegal drugs acquire many profits from the sales. They have ended up forming militant bodies that have threats to the government causing political instability and destabilizing governments. The drug organization and peddlers engage in gun battling when they are caught by the police in traffics. The UNDCP - United Nations Drug Control Program that deals with the control of drug use is in contact with the member nations in finding a proper solution to drug use and trafficking. According to Bean (2014), hospital and clinicians have worked tirelessly on drug diversions through proper prescriptions and awareness of drug use. The efforts aim at making patients and the entire citizens have the knowledge of the drugs before consumption.

The global increase in illicit drugs has not only reflected on international tensions but also contributed to social impacts to the societies and individuals Bean (2014). Many people have been victims of drug effects on their body and to their families.

Alcoholism addiction has a number of effects on families. Drugs perpetrate violence and crime, which detrimental to good family and communal standings. Drugs have influenced irrational behavior amongst the community and family members, which may include several theft cases and rape due to drug influence. Drug consumption has caused several couples to divorce due to too much drug use without control Wilson (1990). Apparently, drugs have adverse effects on family life and could lead to various crime cases in the community.

The principle means of preventing drug abuse and reducing the cases of crime is education. Drug consumption has brought complications to learn when consumed. Several institutions face problems of drug use. The situation could be worse when teachers are themselves drug addicts. It could be hard to control drug abuse and the possibility of children engaging in criminal activities as a result of control and uncontrolled use of drugs.

Drugs and crime have been a disaster and a major concern in the current world. Several measures have been implemented on drug use such as ban on the use of some drugs. However, in some cases, the control of the use of drugs may be challenging and lead to massive effects such as numerous cases of criminal activities. The best recommendation on drugs and crime is a focus on reducing the power of criminal organizations. Their competition on superiority with the government should be controlled through improvement on security sectors. The organizations do the manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. As a matter of fact, they stand as their primary source and points of drug use. The powers should be reduced and the construction zones captured. Stopping the source will have control over the whole processes of manufacturing, trafficking, and consumption.

To be brief, a continued use of illicit drugs could be the origin of various cases of crime in the society. For that reason, the use and distribution of drugs ought to be controlled. By doing this, it would be easy to reduce the various drug-related criminal activities in the family, community, and the nation at large. Apparently, drug users are more likely to cause crime than the nonusers. Several crimes recorded are found to be due to individuals who are under the influence of hard drugs. In addition, drug-trafficking causes gunfire exchange and serious violence, which may lead to the death of police officers who are dealing with such drug-related cases. Peoples use of illegal drugs should be controlled to reduce the harmful effects of such situations to the society.


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