Essay on Human Cloning Support by John Greeney

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Date:  2021-06-14

In his support for human cloning, John urges that human cloning should not be banned since we would lose the benefits new technology helps us duplicate individuals who are the genius, with great talents and with better qualities John, 2017. My argument is that human cloning should be allowed since it is a human right. People have the right to reproduce and to decide the way their way or reproduction either by birth or by cloning.

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Johns Human Cloning Article tries to explain that the opposition arguments that support the ban human cloning do not have enough weight why cloning should be banned. The points are as follows;

Risk/Benefit argument: which urges that the process of cloning is very dangerous and its benefits out ways the risks since it is hard to protect humans from cloning from harms. In this case, the author urges that human cloning the benefits are more than the risks since it enables the creation of body spare parts that can be used in case ones organ fail for example kidney.

Kinship and families argument:. This point urges that one would be separated from his or her family if cloning takes place. This argument is not the case since the cells from the parents are taken in the cloning process.

Uniqueness argument: that is used to oppose cloning claiming that cloned people are deprived their God-given state and likeness.

Utilitarian argument: elaborates that people do the best choice to avoid mistakes and safety measures should be taken to protect clones. He responds that clones are fully dignified human with rights that should be protected just like human beings (John, 2017).

John, 2017 states that Cloning should be banned because if it fosters the treatment of people as means, not ends, provides no clear benefits in exchange for risks, nurtures the further the ambulation of kinship structures, and compromises the dignity and uniqueness of individuals. This statement summarizes the whole argument in Johns article. The point shows the reasons people give to oppose human cloning. It elaborates that creation of clones is against God since there is no love. The statement also clearly suggests that there is extinction in family ties since clones do not carry the family blood. Finally, there is no dignity to human life which is precious and should be respected at all times.

According to Peters 24, we need to construct visions of just what it means to treat children with dignity when they are the product that is, when they are the gift of advanced reproductive technology. The declaration means that the government and the citizens have to create rules and regulations protects the children who are created using cloning process. They should have equal rights to those born using birth methods.

In conclusion, human cloning faces many opinions from different people. There are those who oppose it and others that support it giving their arguments. In Johns article to support human cloning indicates that it has more pros than cons and hence people should support it. The arguments against human cloning state that, deny children their family ties and also minimize the natural uniqueness of the children. John stresses that we should allow technology create us new things such as clones.


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