Essay on My Favorite Hobby: Travelling

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Date:  2022-09-12


Travelling has been my favorite hobby ever since I was a kid; it is now that I came to realize well it suits to what I have been working intensively on. Every holiday I plan on going to different destinations worldwide, and it is today that I see the importance. Travelling has enabled me to have great insights into the various aspects of life. Due to traveling, I have managed to meet multiple people and communities worldwide. I have managed to meet the diversity of cultures, and various stereotypes from media based on gender-based stereotypes. Traveling will always remain my favorite all the time. During travel, I expect to meet different cultures of different diversities of people, geographical and physical differences. I would expect to meet people who value gender and those who do not. There are religious cultures too some people would be inclined more to Christianity while others towards Islam and all the variety of known religions worldwide (Lugones, 2017).

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On the other hand, people will live on different backgrounds and different social lives depending on their economic status. Traveling is the circumstance that makes me get used to this because it is through exploring that one can meet a variety of people and their cultures. Travelling exposes one to the essential aspects under discussion.

These new cultures will be of importance and will also have their demerits. One of the importance of culture is that it exposes the unique individual towards new dimensions of life where new knowledge is gained. On the other, it may have demerits such as getting affected by the individual stereotypes and culturally harmful activities. Some cultures affect a traveler as a result of the gender, when a stranger who is a female visit a place, they may not be considered or taken seriously. The above subtopics will include Islamic culture, as it is one of the broadest spread religions in the world. Traveling to Islamic countries will mean you will encounter a group of this type. Gender stereotype comes with the kind of gender associated with this group of people how they are inclined towards making decisions related to the said group. A country like Qatar one will find that the primary religion there is Islamic and the inclined gender issues as well. As one traveling the above issues can affect me as an individual and will bring numerous challenges as well as open up chances to build myself, and I have to learn to adapt to every new situation I meet.

Gender Stereotypes

Different cultures view gender differently some would be positive about gender that is value each separately without minding their gender, while others would be more inclined towards valuing one gender more than the other (MO6 Part 3). Gender stereotypes come in the forms of the personality traits how one views their personality as different from those of a particular gender; the roles are another gender-based stereotype; some see it that they cannot do specific jobs because they believe it is not for their specific gender. This is a major throwback as it reduces the interaction between one and the new people. Taking an example of traveling to a new location and then you find that the male is not supposed to interact in any way with female strangers this brings a gap, and there is discrimination since the travel would not be effective in case it was research intended, and you have failed to gather information due to gender disparity.

Cultural Levels

As the educational levels states, different standards are beginning from the national to the individual ethnic cultures. (MO6 Part 2) When encountering new people, it is essential to use translators and interpreters. There are hundreds of thousands of different languages in the world; to an explorer, it would be hard to master all the languages at the same time. Hence, traveling brings about the problem of language barriers; therefore to get the most out of the situation getting a translator to make you understand the local dialect is important. In the next few months, I would be traveling to new states such as China and Japan, during this time, I would expect to encounter intercultural diversities of a new kind, and I have to get a translator to do the job. It would be my first time traveling and therefore the effects associated with the new interactions such cultural level as which include the social classes and the rest (MO5 Part 5).


Travelling makes one meet new people; it makes one get exposed; it is exciting and fun as well. This does not mean that it is the perfect thing to do since it has its setbacks as well. There are a few setbacks such as a difference in cultural levels and gender stereotypes. These are setbacks that need to be addressed, and therefore one has to learn various aspects of dealing with them. To succeed in your travel experience and achieve your goals during the travel one has to learn various ways of coping with the situation. One has to learn to counter the demerit that comes with the two while maximizing on the importance or the beneficial features that they get from the two.


Lugones, M. (2017). Playfulness,"world"travelling, and loving perception. Hypatia, 2(2), 3-19.

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