Essay on Troubles Associated With Taking Students on an Educational Tour

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Date:  2021-05-25

An educational tour can create an exciting and rewarding learning experience for the students. Nevertheless, there are troubles associated with taking students on an educational tour. Some of the troubles include lack of chaperones, budget restraints and difficulty in controlling the behavior of the students. The concerned staff or department should improvise control measures and strategies to troubleshoot them. Proper planning, establishing rules and soliciting support can alleviate many of the troubles. When organizing the tour, the relevant department should team up to generate a plan on how the educational tour will be conducted. It is recommendable that the students should be divided into study groups under a chaperone to ensure adherence to the rules and regulations of the tour. The staff will enforce strict observation of the rules through the chaperon. During the preparation of the tour, collection of consent forms, money and waivers should be in advance to avoid delays and inconveniences.

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Potential problems

An educational tour is liable to uncertainties that may rise during preparation at the institution or the foreign center of learning. Anticipations to the potential problems should not be a barrier to the educational tour. The medical risk is one of the presumed potential problems during the tour. For the medical matter, the tour can be stressful for either the staff or the students because it will directly affect the field activities. Special attention should be given to members who have chronic ailments or allergic to weather changes.

Itinerary to centers of learning, for instance, archives, historical sites, and monuments is another problem during the tour. Poor infrastructure at the centers of study will limit the field activities of the students and the tour may take longer than expected. It is advisable before the trip the concerned department have map of the designated area and research more on the level of infrastructure of the center of learning.

The level of cooperation among the students, the staff and the local communities at the center of learning is another challenge during the tour. Perhaps there may be a communication barrier between students and the local communities. Consequently, this will hinder some information and effectiveness of the tour to some extent will be poor. To figure out such challenge, a foreign translator will be needed for the learners to collect all relevant information.

Staffing, resources and facilities needed

For effective and efficient educational tour, qualified staff, sufficient resources and necessary facilities are significant. For the staff, supervision is important for the safety of the learners. Department guidelines will ensure that students are allocated enough teachers for supervision. Therefore, to enhance effective and appropriate levels of supervision, qualification and experience of staff, the group size of students and the activities undertaken will be put into an account. An excursion staff is also required to facilitate the field activities. The institution council will comment excursion staff that includes department staff, campsite staff and education support officers. A specialist staff, for instance, the medical officer with qualifications is also included.

Resource allocation should be unfluctuating to equip the learners for a successful tour. Technological resources are essential to keep up with the fast pace learning environment. Educational technology resources will enable bountiful access to technology and facilitate planning the tour. Medical facilities are crucial for health matters during the tour and should be provided for. Protective facilities are key especially if the learning center is prone to risks, for instance, stony ground.

Participant and staff safety

The safety of the participants and the staff is crucial and hence necessary safety measures should be outlined before the tour. They should be provided with a badge and lanyard to wear throughout the tour. The badge should be pre-printed with the students on tour toll-free emergency hotline number that is available always. The accommodation area should be fitted with maximum security to ensure their safety during the tour.

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