The Film Redemption Ananlysis Paper Example

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Rationale for the film:

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Drug addiction is a menace to society. The prevalence of drug addiction among high school students is high. The situation, therefore, necessitates the need for awareness about drug abuse and the effects associated with drug addiction. What better way is there, to create awareness than through film? The film "Redemption" concerns walking the journey of getting into drug addiction, walking through it and finally getting out of it. The purpose of the film is to create awareness among high school students, about the factors that lead to drug addiction and the effects that come along with the circumstance.

Rationale for the trailer:

The trailer is meant to attract attention to the film. For the film to achieve its mandate, it has to be able to attract a considerable audience. The target audience is the young high school students who are always at a high risk of engaging in drug abuse. The majority of the adults trapped in drug addiction start abusing drugs a young age and then develops a dependence on them hence the drug addiction. The themes surrounding the films should be highlighted clearly in the trailer. The themes should be highlighted through an interesting and entertaining manner. The interesting and entertaining approach is meant to aid in conveying the story and hence and the lessons


Extensive planning is crucial in a long film as compared to the studied short films. The differences in short and long films are many and diverse. First, as the name suggests the first difference is the time duration of the films. Short films are as little as 5 minutes while a standard feature film is around 90 minutes. The other difference is in the number of cast and crew involved in the films. The short films have few cast and crew members while the long feature films have many cast and crew members. The initial idea of the film is born of the concern for the people trapped in drug addiction. These people suffer severe consequences as a result of their situation. The idea of the film is to illustrate how easy it is to get into drug addiction while engaging in drug abuse with the excuse of having fun (Goldsmith and Tom 2005).

Most young people tend to think that they can maintain composure and not over-indulge in drugs. These justifications always lead them into drug addiction.

The idea arrived at by the team since it was seen as a common observation by the members of the team. The gathering of insight about the issue would also be easy for the team and the objective pertain to the impact of the film on the issue resonated well with both team members. Discussions were developed around the idea. The discussions were based on personal observations and experiences. They were meant to provide a common ground for both team members in terms of the characters to be depicted in the film and the themes to be employed in the film.

The plot of the film begins with a story developed by the initial three team members. Raja wakes up: his mother has prepared breakfast and puja for him. Raja is super excited to go to college. Leaves home after receiving his parents blessings. He goes to school. He is confused because the environment is completely new for him. He bumps into his old school friend. She was his childhood crush from the previous school. As the day moves on, he meets her again and she invites him to a freshers party.He does to fetch her from her house and she gives a bag and heads to the party. They reach the party and she leads him to a shady room. It was a drug deal and the bag Raja carried was filled with drugs. He later realised he was being used as a drug dealer. Then, his friends offer him some drugs and because of peer pressure, he ends up taking it and he blacks out.He wakes up the next morning with an insane craving. This was an urge, which he had felt before so he goes to the toilet to freshen up and checks his pockets. He finds some drugs from last night. He contemplates the decision he is going to make and he take takes drugs. Raja starts doing badly in school. Fails his classes: starts partying a lot.He gets caught in school for distributing drugs. He is sitting with his parents and Raja finds out he is adopted.Goes to find his biological mother and finds out the truth.After 10 years he opens an institution, which helps troubled teens and drug addicts.

Disagreements were present in terms of the roles to be played by team members, and about commitment to one's responsibilities as far as the film was concerned. The lack of commitment led to roles being carried out in the last minutes and hence some aspects of the development of the film were always running late. The disagreements were solved through deliberations and eventually, one member of the team opted out and two were left each with 4 roles to play. I was the editor and I also doubled up as the sound engineer while the director doubled up as the cinematographer. The remaining team members were able to work effectively and in cooperation with each other.

The idea was developed into a film through the use of appropriate characters that depicted each of the roles involved in the film as it was required. The main character was to have a role of a polite and reserved person that could be easily be swayed to indulge in activities that are not of his own choice. It depicts the role of a person that was not capable of making their own judgments on various issues. Other characters are those of friends. The role played by these characters would be that of intimidating and scornful persons to other who do not share their views or beliefs. The other important character is that of caring parents. This character should play a role of caring parents who are willing to do and sacrifice anything for the sake of their children.

The development of the script for the film was a collaborative effort of the team. The idea was conceptualized by the whole team and therefore it was only fair that the team to be collaboratively involved in developing the script for the film.

In my role as the editor, I brought I played the role of making the film entertaining as opposed to just being plainly educative and informational. The entertainment aspect was devised with respect to the script and the unfolding event of the synopsis of the story. Sarcastic events and script are employed in the synopsis to make the film entertaining and enable it to attract the attention of the target audience ( Honthaner 2010).

My role in the planning phase of the production was to put all the aspects required for the film to be successful in coordination with each other. The other role played is that of a sound engineer. I was responsible for acquiring proper and appropriate sound tracks according to the scenes that will be involved in the film and the themes to be brought out.


Day 1

Day 1 of the production involved briefing of the cast pertaining to what is expected and the types of scenes that will be employed. As an editor, it is important to be involved in the briefing of the cast to be able to identify each one of them with their roles so that everything will be easy while putting the scenes in coordination with each other. The understanding of the scenes involved by everyone would ensure everything runs smoothly. This ensures that everyone understands their roles and works well in coordination with each other. The editor was responsible for the coordination aspects of the film production from cast and crew coordination to equipment and personnel coordination.

Day 2

Day 2 of the production involved getting together the shooting equipment shooting the scenes. The director who also doubled as the cinematographer was highly involved in day two. As the editor, I was also part of day two to make sure everything would be according to what I hoped for so that my editing work would be easier. As I also double up as the sound engineer. I was involved in day two in providing appropriate soundtracks for the scenes being shot. Deliberations with the director and cinematographer were made on how the scenes were to look like and the order of the scenes as I required them in the editing process.

Day 3

Day 3 of the production process was the putting together of the scenes accordingly and doing the editing work. As the editor, day three was busy for me. All the scenes shot are brought together and proper editing was done. This involved coupling the scenes with effects and music and soundtracks. The editing also involved sound engineering on the voices of the cast to conforming to particular desired situations.

Post Production

As the editor, I wished to create a blurry effect on some of the scenes to depict the vision of a person under the influence of drugs. This proved difficult to achieve so as to bring out the situation as desired. The final edit was in line with the vision as envision by teams members. Despite the challenges faced in the process of production and editing, the final editing captured the desires and expectations of the team members. Deliberations with the director and the cinematographer were part of the editing process in terms of the theme and depiction of every set. They involved the music and sound tracks used too to bring out a particular feeling desired on a particular set.

At some point, it was pretty difficult to match the audio tracks and the appropriate visual. These were in scenes that involved events that unfolded very fast or scenes that had high-intensity speeches that are supposed to depict a particular feeling. Sound effects involved in some of the scenes like breaking glass were particularly hard to replicate. The sound effects are an important part of a film to bring out the situation as real as possible (Cleve 2012).

The music or t employed was according to the feeling to be elicited on a particular scene. Constant deliberations were mad with the director and cinematographer to ensure that the sounds were in line with the common objective. Everyone's input based on their personal experiences was taken into consideration so that a wide variety of soundtracks for particular scenes were provided and the deliberations were made to come up with the best one for the situation at hand.


Goldsmith, Ben, and Tom O'Regan. The film studio: Film production in the global economy. Rowman & Littlefield publishers, 2005.

Honthaner, Eve Light. The complete film production handbook. Taylor & Francis, 2010.

Cleve, Bastian. Film production management. CRC Press, 2012.

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