Essay on Primary Source Investigation of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution is perhaps one of the most important events in the United States and signifies a great sense of patriotism. It was a political debacle that happened between 1765 and 1783 leading to the defeat of the aristocracy by the British Monarchy the unity of the thirteen American colonies. As Todd Andrlik suggests, Before it was History, it was News. The role of the press especially the newsprint media has been significant in recapping and relaying this important historical event. Amongst the newspapers that contain the primary reports of this important happening include; The Chronicles, The Massachusetts Spy and The New Hampshire Gazette.

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The Massachusetts Spy

This publication was probably the most prominent newspaper in circulation during the revolutionary period as it had had the highest numbers of circulation totaling to 3500 subscribers within the thirteen American colonies. The paper was founded by Isaiah Thomas and Zechariah Fowle in the year1770. One of the popular articles published in the paper on the matters of American Revolution was dated Wednesday, May 5, 1775, in Worcester.

The article has a masthead that reads; Americans-Liberty or Death, Join or Die! In the volume V number 219 article, Isaiah Thomas reiterates the importance of moving its printing offices from Boston to Massachusetts. The article then continues to implore the importance of solidarity of the colonies by describing their plight under the rule of the British monarchy. The paper enlightens the masses on the rights they are entitled to and must fight. The paper also addresses the exemption of the American people from central places like the Parliament. The paper further provides chronically the proceedings of the events that preceded the American Revolution (Massachusetts Spy).

An analysis of the paper contents reveals a real zeal for liberation as expressed by the American people through the editors of the journal. The paper provides a true reflection of the mood and atmosphere that dominated the American colonies during this important period in history. It is therefore of much historical importance not just because of the political events but also as a valuable tool for reflecting the history and the role of the press in covering such important events in the country.

The paper has no bias regarding presenting the sentiments of the people at that particular time in history. It presents matters as they should be with an emphasis on the general feeling of things as they should be. The direct approach of the paper article in addressing and presenting matters, therefore, helps in understanding the past and relating it to the present press coverage of important issues.

The New Hampshire Gazette

The New Hampshire Gazette dated April 21, 1775, reports under the title Bloody News on the battles that happened during the American Revolution. The paper reports incidences that occurred two evenings earlier, starting 19th of the same month.

Unlike the public mobilization, the address was given by the Massachusetts Spy; this paper article adopts a reporting coupled with a few patches of advice to people, especially the people of Boston. The incidences being reported here are the Concord and the Battle of Lexington with no straight title used for either but just Bloody News. (The New Hampshire Herald) The paper reports the recent state of the Portsmouth town and the various troops that have been engaged in the messed up and warring state of the region. In what it terms as the freshest pieces of advice,' the paper sets up a to-do list for the county people and the various ways and through which these activities are done in this period of revolution.

The newspaper is vital in telling an important part of history. As in most papers of that time, the newspaper article has no direct title but rather uses an indirect term alluding to the events in the report. The paper, however, tells the story vividly as it should be with the events and the casualties and the perpetrator numbers clearly outlined in the paper. The ability of the paper article to directly provoke the response of the American colonies perfectly sums up the role it undertakes in the American Revolution. This makes it a historically rich source that vitally recaps main events within the period covering the American Revolution. Through this, the modern historian can understand the happenings of the American Revolution.

The Chronicles

The Chronicles newspaper is also one of the best papers during this period. This particular article is about how the revolution events unfolded in Saratoga in the closing stages on 17, October 1777. The paper is written in a regretful yet victorious tone with a rather suggestive title; Oh, Fatal Ambition.

The paper outlines the closing ends of the revolutionary war signified by the surrendering of the around 7000 British army men. The spread of this news of surrender by the British generals is vividly explained in this paper. The end of Burgoyne and the British troops in the countryside is outlined. The paper also describes the bravery and the patriotism of the American armies and the people in achieving this first freedom. The article concludes by highlighting the role of the French after the surrender by the American militia.

It is important to note that in this instance, the paper finally makes a headline that directly reflects the happenings as they were; BURGOYNE SURRENDERS AT SARATOGA. (Chronicle) This title is different from the early times this would have been presented in an indirect manner. The paper is biased toward the achievement of this freedom and stresses entirely on the events leading up to the attainment of freedom by the American troops. The paper proves to be historical valuable as it defines one of the most critical stages of the American Revolution; how it all ended. Therefore, this paper helps in understanding the strong role of the print press in covering this historical happening to the very end. The importance of newspapers in telling the history of the country is outlined through the very final satisfactory coverage by the paper.

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