Essay on Psychological Factors That Influence the Performance of Students in Schools

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Date:  2021-07-02

Academic success, a key component in the school life, is majorly influenced by the psychological aspects, sources of rewards as well as the satisfaction of students in their schools social environment (Salmela-Aro & Tynkkynen, 2010; Chillon, Evenson, Vaughn & Ward, 2011). Consequently, the great need to identify the major psychological predictors of students success is academics is thus explicable. In specificity, it is essential for educators to ascertain the learners characteristics that can be modified in a school context and practice to promote superior academic performance. To this reason, academic theorists have emphasized on the roles of personality traits, academic self-efficacy, and self-esteem in predicting exemplary academic performance (Caprara, Vecchione, Alessandri, Gerbino, & Barbaranelli, 2011).

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There is a deficiency in literature in determining the psychological factors that could influence the general performance of students in schools. Although some research has addressed some of the psychological variables to good academic performance independently, no know research has addressed all the three variables collectively (Giunta, Alessandri, Gerbino, Kanacri, Zuffiano, & Caprara, 2013). Nevertheless, through this multi-cohort study, this deficiency will be addressed by illustrating how personality traits, academic self-efficacy and self-esteem influence the improved academic performance of students in junior high schools. The targeted sample population will be 426 junior high school students 206 boys and 220 girls. The literature material that will be employed for the study will not be more than 10 years old. This is imperative to promote the accuracy of the research findings.

The audience of the findings of the research will include teachers, parents, and education policy makers. This choice in the audience is based on the reason that they are the primary influencers of the psychological environment of the junior high students in regular academic processes. Conclusively, the study will offer a comprehensive explanation on how personality traits, self-efficacy, and self-esteem of students can be improved to promote their continued and enhanced academic performance.


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