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Essay on Stefan Sagmeister and Three Images of His Works

Date:  2021-06-08 21:54:41
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Sagmeister was born on 6th of August 1962 in Australia specifically Bregenz. He attended Vienna School of Applied Arts from where he studied the master of fine arts and made small school groups on designs with his course mates known as the Gruppe Gut. He also studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he graduated with a Master's degree in Science and Communications Design. After his studies, he taught at Parsons, New York School of Visual Arts from where he made extensive artistic development. He made creations for rolling stones covers, Lou Reed and Aerosmith among others. Some of his artistic works include; the catalogs for Lipanje- Putin Gallery Italy. In 1998, he became a book subject in a designer's life which featured his name. Stefan has won many awards, for example, the Grand Prix Moscow among others.

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Discussion of three images of Stefan's works, the time they got developed and their formal analysis.

1) The image got made in 1996 to feature the designing process as a strategy that may be used to give a project human nature. Stefan added that it makes him happier to observe his work creating another narrative apart from its main essence.

2) The image was made by Stefan in 1993 to feature the works of handmade. He mentions that most of his works stood out due to the aspect of human-made. According to him, the works represented the typology of human-made.

3) The image was made in 1992 as a poster for the 4As Advertising Award Ceremony. The poster depicted the traditional image of the Chinese and four men showing their behinds to feature the controversies in some advertising agency.

Three arguments why Stefan Sagmeister is Controversial

The first establishment on Stefan getting noted as controversial is the nude publicity. For example, when he announced the change of his studio name from Sagmeister Inc. to Sagmeister and Walsh. He decided to update his studio's original mailer with the nude shots that featured him and his partner. The shot sparked controversies with many people criticizing Jessica Walsh who joined as a partner in the business. When questioned about the nude shots, he argued of being sheepish and thought the partner (Jessica) would dress, but the latter questioned the reason for being a conservative.

She equally though taking nude shots was a good idea for their new studio. My aspect of controversy gets informed from the societal view of the shots. Sagmeister is 50 years of age and exposing his nakedness to the entire globe portrays the lack of societal values and a reduced image of the upcoming generation. Furthermore, Sagmeister is a father and the other partner also a mother, therefore, exposing their nakedness should be the least consideration in their decision. The shots are not only viewed as controversial from my point of argument but also noted in the same light globally. Many people have raised concerns about them and also made reference to some of his past images including the 1992 poster which he made for the 4As Advertising Award Ceremony.

The second controversy gets founded on the color joke which he said to the audience at an annual web conference held in Webstock in Wellington based in New Zealand. The joke involved the sign language interpreter who was assigned to assist in interpreting his talk at the conference. He gave the joke on a manatee that gave itself a blowjob. The joke always got referenced by many people as tasteless, and they failed to understand the reason why Stefan picked on it. The essence of the joke got finally noted when he was yelling the word "blowjob" repeatedly, and to the amazement of everyone, the whole story pointed at the sign language interpreter. People became concerned how the sign language interpreter would interpreter the word over and over again. The scene became unpleasant considering the difference in identity and color between him and the interpreter.

The joke depicted his inability to accept diversity and those who are abled differently. Many people who attended the conference also left criticizing him, and Webstock made an apology to isolate themselves from the conversations. The aspect established him in more controversial state and showed his lack of absolute values and conducts that embrace diversity and foster unity despite a person's originality or status.

The third establishment that answers why he is controversial get based on the example his works are setting for the young artists who may need to join the designing industry. His state of controversy raises concerns about the sustainability of the global designing village. When a design gets produced, everyone considers it new before it reaches the ethical stage where ethics must get considered. Considering the extent to which most of his designs has reached, it can get argued that they usually pass through the ethical clearance stage. According to critiques, they view most of his works to get based on his life and self-sacrifices instead of the ethics which should be followed in the designing industry. Therefore, the point of concern which keeps many people worried is on whether he is interested in setting a legacy in a positive way and offering good influence to the upcoming artists and the types of design they should practice. The main reason for the concern is because most of his works get pointed out to go against the societal norms and values. He gets noted as one of the designers who uses nude shots for purposes of attention as imaged in the previous paragraphs. The three points justify my reasons for considering Stefan Sagmeister as a controversial individual.


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