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Essay on Stereotypes and Racism in Society

Date:  2021-06-01 08:47:14
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When growing up, there was a notion that race has everything to do with skin color and that it only applied to people whose skin was black. It was always common to see individuals with black skin complain about racism. Reading form historical books further proved that African-Americans played a greater role in fights against racism. The African Americans often complained of being oppressed and segregated on grounds of their skin color. Good examples can be drawn from historical accounts of the black arts movement. The history of some great African-American leaders such as Luther king and what they advocated for implied that race was all about color of the skin. Another scenario can be established in the history of colonization of Africa where Africans complained of racial discrimination. South Africa is a country that was affected by rebellions following calls to end apartheid treatment. Africans were not allowed to interact with the white colonizers at any point of their social lives. All these situations are linked to dark skin color for the sake of victims and light skin color for perpetrators. Some friends still have racial misconceptions that I may not approve given the scientific proof in place. For instance, one distant friend believes that people with black skin have a weaker mentality as well as will to achieve great things in life. He believes that white nations are richer than African nations due to this misconception. The same friend also believes that African-Americans are not as clever as compared to the white counterparts. People who have such relationships are not always close friends since I have many close friends of the type they despise.

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Such stereotypes have affected the nature of friendship since people may view it as a double standard. At personal level, I have lost many good friends due to stereotypic perceptions and this applies to African-American friends. Some of these friends believe that friendship from white skinned people is never honest. It is hard to work as a team given the fact that people will regroup basing on skin color or overlook contributions of people with different skin color. It is hard to manage these people and at times one has to give up trying to control the environment. Some friends have changed these perceptions but some have remained adamant despite being educated. For the changed individuals, education played a greater role.

While racism remains a greater challenge to societies even in modern days, scientific research has provided enough evidence to clear existing stereotypes. I believe that I can work with anyone regardless of the skin color or origin. Everyone has a strength and weakness, which makes all people human and in need of each others contribution. I will continue trying to change racial stereotypes in class to enhance the learning environment by increasing collaboration and interaction among students.

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