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Date:  2021-06-01 13:10:41
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Branding is a very importance activity in the modern-day business, and this is apparent in the efforts of companies in making such decisions. There are various issues companies consider before they make branding decisions and among them include clarity, selectivity, positioning, value among others (Truong et al., 2017). Tom Peters also offer advice on how to make branding decisions to ensure that such decisions work to fulfill goals to which they are designed. In his message, he advises on the need for companies to stand out from the rest and how companies can make quality branding decisions and ensure that branding efforts meet the intended objectives. In this consideration, there is need to examine how television shows and movies introduce brands of consumer products and the effectiveness of featuring brands in the movies. Such would help in addressing the effectiveness of plots of movies and television shows in introducing brands. One of the brands introduced in the recent movies is Apple iPad which is in the television series Modern Family.

Type of Consumer Product

The type of consumer product that the television series, Modern Family introduces is a shopping products. This is because it is apparent in the less frequency of consumption of Apple iPad in the family of Phil Dunphy. Moreover, the fact that the family of Dunphy spent more time to locate the Apple iPad proves that it is a shopping product because they bought it for a shopping occasion which is his birthday. Moreover, the product is more expensive to make the Phil Dunphys birthday more important and exemplary, this also gave the family members to show their love for Dunphy, a father and a husband. Besides, the Apple iPad for which Dunphy was bought had psychological impact and helped in raising his status within the social group. Finally, the less frequency at which the product was bought in the movie and the time the family spent to locate it proves that it is a shopping product.

Effect of television Show in Brand Equity

The television series presents the new brand in unique ways to increase its equity. The presentation of the brand in the television show serves as a focal point of the episode of iPad, this is because the product is presented on the birthday of Phil Dunphy which is also a focal point in his life. This makes a perfect resemblance between the importance of Apple iPad and Dunphys birthday. Additionally, the timing of airing the product through the television show also has a great impact in increasing its equity in that it was aired three days before stores could start selling the product in the market. Such a perfect timing helped in presenting the product to the consumers and which helped in increasing sales of the product. Finally, the plot was flawless as evident in that the day when the family of Dunphy planned to buy their dad an iPad was the day that the product was launched.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy identified in the television series Modern Family in the introduction of the product is the use of emotion. This is because the family of Dunphy wanted their dad to feel special in his birthday and decided to buy him Apple iPad which helped suggested that the product is a special one and should only be presented on special occasions. The buying of the product made Dunphy to feel special which helped in the promoting the product as a special brand.


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