Essay on the Evidence-Based Change Problem-Solving Approach

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Date:  2021-06-11

Evidence-based change is a problem-solving approach to the delivery of health care, which consolidates the best evidence from research and patient care data, with clinician expertise and patient preferences and values (Burns & Grove, 2010).

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Fistula is a problem experienced in health sectors. This is an abnormal surgical passage between a hollow surface and tubular organ of the body. It has been shown by increased cases of patients, high medical expenses incurred by patients and few health facilities (James et al 2014). Changes required include creating awareness about this problem, subsidizing costs, procurement of reliable health facilities and adopting of training programs to equip people such as doctors with knowledge and skills of managing the problem.

Evidence for existence of the Problem

Evidence is indicated by file records of health institutions, reported cases by media services and the World Health Organization's reports. Cases of fistula patients have been on the rise in most parts of the world, hence affecting normal lives for most women. This has led to health anomalies among countries, especially the developing nations (Austin, 2011). Capacity building on fistula treatment, focusing on fistula management, partnership with organizations and good leadership are some of the professional organization standards adopted. These measures should be done in cooperation with governments and ministries of health to achieve the goals.

Lewins theory

Lewin's model concentrates on the management of resistance to the change from the people expected to embrace it. According to the theory, communicating the problem to the public, leading and motivating health sectors through training and acquisition of equipment together with better payments and rewarding health workers will help in management and eradication of fistula among the populations. The nurses handling the problem will be more inspired to support the change expected to easy the management of the fistula problem.


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