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Bearing the fact that Zeus was the king of the sky, the weather, law, fate, and other gods, the family tree can provide a comprehensive overview of how the family chain looked like and the children that Zeus was having. In the lineage, the majority, share linkage with him as one of the only shortest when it comes to the genealogical references. Most involved the mythical founders of noble and royal housed who wanted to bear the claim from the king of goods. Being that Zeus was a king, of the Greek, The family fig tree shows that he was positively identified to be not good when it comes to fidelity and through the family tree, we can bring out how he was able to philandering managed his game.

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Chronologically, Zue was given birth to, by two powerful being who are identified as Titans, being that his mother Rhea was recognized to be Gais daughter, the deified earth, while the father is acknowledged as Kronos, that is the son of the sky Ouranos. What is amazing is that erroneous and Kronos experienced trouble in their relationships. It is identified that Kronos only gained control through the process of overthrowing the father and through his plan he was not pleased if such situation could take place in the future, so he ate the five children, identified as Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, and Demeter (Atran). Finally, however, Rhea was able to step in, she was able to hide her favorite youngest son Zeus, but later he was able to return and later made a trick to the father through a drink a trap that made him bring into battle the five gods. Through this, a massive battle was experienced that ensured that gods were defeated and the Titans were able to claim serious control over the heavens. Later, Zeus were able to take residence on the Mount Olympus of his first wife Metis, later married Hera and later continued with the generation as expressed in the table family tree.

Attributes of the god and the symbols

In Greek mythology, Zeus is recognized as the god of the sky and lightning, and the king of gods. He is one of the most recognized Greek gods, well known and identified for his superiority and greater than all other gods. In relating and focusing on the real facts, when speaking of the Greek mythology, what is revealed is that, there are many countless gods, and that one god who can tower above other gods regarding reverence and power is Zeus. His symbols, the eagle, the bolt and the lightening are also worldly identified by Zeus. Being identified to be one of the six children of Rhea and Cronus, that is the father to the countless character of Greek legends and mythology and the head of the twelve Olympians. In his case and position, many respectable and admirable positions belong to him, and in different stories that are about his actions, he is viewed as mischief and battles such as Io and Zeus myth.

To bring more illustration to the situation, having fallen in love with Io, Zeus was able to go with her to the top of mouth Olympus so as to make love; this is not His first time. Since is seen doing this with different other women who are entirely different from his wife, Hera, and Io. However such an action took place in on the cloudless sunny day, and the nature of the weather was able to hide the identity of both of them. Zeus conjured a black cloud so as to shroud mount Olympus peak, and through Hera seeing this she was provoked to make her way up the peak so as to identify what was exactly wrong

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Three interesting facts

Zeus managed to become the ruler of earth and heaven after a serious revolt which was against the father who by then was recognized as Kronos. Amazingly, during his position as the king of the gods, Zeus had to play the major role of becoming a mediator when other immortals were not in good terms and were mad at each other (Podlecki). An additional fact is that He is Athenas father who is believed to have sprung from his head; the fact is that she was his favorite child. Lastly, Zeus was not one of the faithful husbands that could stick to one wife, through the mortal women, it is clearly expressed that he had affairs with them.

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