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Every age has music that defines it. These songs highlight how the lives are at a specific period of time. Music does this by explaining the major events that happened during a specific time. They also demonstrate styles of fashion among other key factors that describe a certain period. Over the years, the type of music keeps changing and new genres may even come up. The 1960s is popular for rock songs as they had just come up. This paper compares two songs written in the 1960s by examining the content in the songs and the events that may have led to the songwriting.

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A day in the life was written by the John Lennon and McCartney Paul and was released in 1967 by the English rock band- The Beatles. The song is under the genre of Rock music. It shows the events that were going on at the time such as the end of the war which is unspecified. The song also highlights the death of a person who belonged to a loyal family- "nobody was really sure that he belonged to the house of the lord" (Lennon). This incidence shows that there were various social classes of people of that age; the basic example seen here is the royal family and ordinary families. The song highlights that the person died due to ignorance of traffic lights as they did not notice that the lights had changed. The song also talks about an incidence about turning a person on. This can imply either sexually or giving access to drugs. This line relates to the car accident implying that the driver was probably on drugs while driving.

The other incident in the play is the counting of the number of holes in the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire and they finally conclude that they were 4000 of them. The songwriter talks about how small the holes were.

In addition to this, there is the song by Santana- Oye com ova, which was released in 1970 under the same genre. It was written by Tito Puente in 1963. It is mainly made up of a repetition of the words "Oye Como Va" which is Spanish for "Listen to how" and the words "mi Ritmo- my rhythm goes." The song alternates between the beat of a piano and the blowing of a flute to create a continuous tune that goes on throughout the song. The song marks the increase in complexity of the songs in the 1960s as the use of electric pianos was not that common and the song properly uses the flute and piano to form a continuous harmony that flows throughout the song.

The two have several aspects in common. To begin with, they all fall under the category of rock music that was composed at a period close to each other- the 1960s. In addition to that, they both have repetition in their lyrics. In A Day in the life the words "I read the news today, Oh Boy" are continuously repeated. This may be due to the nature of the writer, Mr. Lennon. It creates a lasting impression for those who listen to it. In Santana's song, the words "Oye Como Va are continuously repeated throughout the song. The two songs show imply on the things that occur in the society. "Oye Como Va " is an invitation to hear a certain rhythm which I a communal activity while the "A day in the light" talks about several incidences that have occurred in the community such as drug abuse road accidents.


Songs are a perfect description of a community and spans of time. They depict many activities that occur while at the same time acting as a source of fun and relaxation to the listeners.

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