Essay Sample on Heroes in the Society

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Date:  2022-09-28


Every society has their own heroes and heroines. The people do extra-ordinary things to enable compared to the normal individuals. In United States of America the founding fathers, survivors of the September 11th bombing, human rights leaders, and soldiers are considered to be heroes in the society. Their heroic acts enables them to get special recognition in the society. In most circumstances they are awarded by the government. Furthermore, there are American heroes who have received international accolades like Nobel Peace Prize. Heroes can be defined as individuals who do extra-ordinary things in the society that create a positive impact.

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The heroes in the United States use their strength and determination to conquer challenges and evade catastrophe. Martin King Luther, Jr. is considered to be one of the heroes in the country because of his confident to champion for the rights of African-Americans. The rights of African-Americans were curtailed in the society. Through segregation the African-American were not allowed to visit certain areas. Furthermore, the children of black people in the United States were not allowed to attend given school because of the skin color. The right to vote initially was only granted to white Americans. The African-Africans were still treated as slaves in the country. The African Americans needed someone to liberate them in the society. The needed a leader who could champion for their rights. The normal citizens of the United States of America feared the consequences associated with the struggle for their rights. However, Martin Luther King, Jr. is considered a hero because despite the challenges he managed to conquer and fight for the rights of African American in the society. The act was extra-ordinary and the strength and courage enabled him to be respected in the society.

Martin Luther King, Jr. used extra-ordinary means to achieve his missions. Contrary, to the methods used by other liberators, King used nonviolent means to champion for the rights of African Americans. Though the police used force to undermine their quest for representation and recognition in the American society. The nonviolent means illustrate that King was a leader who cared about the welfare of the people that he led. Furthermore, King wanted all the citizens of the United States of America to live peacefully. Throughout the demonstrations his members avoided destroying properties and engaging in violent conflicts. Additionally, he led the Afro-American Civil Rights Movement and on August 28th, 1963, he managed to pull a crowd of 250,000 people. The purpose of the meeting at the Lincoln Memorial was to champion for the rights of African-American in the society. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a selfless leader who courageously used his influence to champion for the rights of the hopeless in the society.


According to King's story, heroes are courageous and able to fights for the rights of other. Heroes are individuals who are ready to sacrifice their life for other to enjoy. King was later assassinated but through his efforts the African-American can comfortably enjoy being citizens of the United States. Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to be recognized and awarded numerous awards for his efforts and sacrifice to liberate the country. King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Though not all heroes and heroines are recognized for their ambitions in the society.

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