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Date:  2023-01-15


In modern societies, many people both aged and young resort to finding love online because they believe that the internet can provide them with new friends, acquaintances, and intimate relationships (Jeffries, 2017). Despite all these, they have experienced difficulties in finding love as most of them tend to provide false information or create misleading profiles. Similarly, finding love online is susceptible to insecurity as there are minimal trust and loyalty amongst partners. Therefore, this paper argues that it is difficult to find love on the internet because of the lack of physical communication and insecurity among partners, as well as, misleading profiles that people create on the internet.

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According to psychologists, interpersonal attraction, forming and maintaining intimate relationship entails validating interactions between the partners in numerous ways such as physical attractiveness, understanding emotional and personal needs of each partner, developing and nurturing intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional well beings among others (Finkel, Eastwick, Karney, Reis, & Sprecher, 2012). To achieve these tasks, the psychologists stated that the partners must engage in fruitful communications both non-verbal and verbal that one individual to give and receive from the other (Finkel et al. 2012). Normally, there are no meaningful interactions through the internet due to numerous factors such as wrong persons, wrong time, as well as, presence of biases about oneself. Thus, the absence of fruitful interactions makes it difficult for people to find love through the internet.

Another critical challenge of finding love on the internet is the issue of insecurity. Reports have indicated that in online relationships, partners tend to remain online for long before they physically meet due to the distance between them (Kee & Yazdanifard, 2015). Intuitively, this distance may bring about distress since stress and loyalty are key components of relationships. Krotoski (2018) noted that stress and loyalty are critical in a relationship since their absence can make partners to cheat or deceive one another. Their absence could make someone cheat or become less committed to the relationship thus making it even harder for the real love to exist between the partners. Recent surveys have indicated that it is currently popular for partners to cheat or lie on a relationship found on the internet because of the moral decay available on the internet (Kee & Yazdanifard, 2015). Therefore, the insecurity resulting from stress and disloyalty makes it difficult for one to find love online.

Another major challenge of finding love on the internet is that personal appearance is regarded as more important than the real information contained in a person's profile. Krotoski (2018) noted that it is just more concerned with the appearance as opposed to attitude and personality. Principally, finding love on the internet favours attractive persons and it puts more importance on a person's appearance as opposed to his or her real personality, character and attitude (Krotoski, 2018). In most cases, what one views online is the beautiful or handsome face and one is able to correct, choose and even delete the information with the aim of making the other partner happy. In fact, it is quite different from conversing with one physically when one can easily analyse or observe his or her tone, outward personality and body language. One will be able to establish whether the partner is lying or true to himself or herself. Unfortunately, all this information cannot be seen when one is finding love on the internet. Therefore, the inability to know one's personality and attitude is a great hindrance to finding love on the internet.


In conclusion, fast, practical and convenient as online dating appears, love should not be sought through the internet. This form of relationship will ultimately break due to the absence of understanding and communication. The primary purpose of the internet is not for finding love but for communication with distant friends, relatives and family members. Moreover, finding love not necessarily implies sharing videos, pictures or words online but rather a physical connection and communication between two persons.


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