Essay Sample on Immigration Policies and Healthcare

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Date:  2022-09-19


Patients do not necessarily come from the great nation of America but also from other countries. With a modernized health sector, it is always the destination for treatment. Advanced technology and the presence of good doctors make them able to handle many medical cases with ease and also well. However, the implications this immigration has on the patients seeking medical help from these countries are hard to bear. Lifesaving surgeries or medical cases that require more advanced technologies may be affected leading to loss of lives.

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More than 75% of the seven countries live in abject poverty and are red zones for various medical cases. An environment that has been turned into a war zone is not a good environment for establishing medical centers to treat these cases. However, that has not limited the number of people rendered patients of wars and also children born without proper medical care. Syria and Somalia are at wars and in victims of the war being treated in camps may need more than the camp can provide, US can provide treatment and also faster, but these restrictions might only end up leading to the demise of the patient. Not because there was no way or no one to help, but just because they came from a country restricted from crossing the US border.

The issue of 'public charge' is also a wolf in sheep's skin. The understanding of the charge is that should an immigrant seeking asylum in the country seek medical care using this chunk of the public money it would, in the end, make it difficult for them to gain asylum. An in-depth analysis of the issue shows that when an immigrant uses the kitty, it means he or she is not able to fully fund herself, and that means they are not contributing to the economy of the country as required. It shows that the particular patient is just over-reliant on the public funds thus giving them a harder time in acquiring the legality. A domino effect comes into place whereas the illegal immigrants may be scared of accessing medical help, this will impact the workforce that is running the country's economy.

The American health care department hosts more than 30% doctor whose origins are from the same countries that are being denied entry. Iran and Syria have since long been sending its surgeons, and another specialist to the US to both bring new skills and also acquire some. Both these nations combined bring a workforce that is ranked sixth most among the immigrants. Statistically, also there are a significant number of doctors who are immigrants working in the health sector to maintain the health of the same nation kicking them out. As we all know doctors are supposed only to work when fully fit, these restrictions are likely to influence the way these doctors perform their duties, leaving many patients; American born, vulnerable ("How Trump's travel ban threatens health care, in 3 charts", 2018). Mental issues sway them away from the daily practice leading to a dangerous environment for the patients.

These doctors also are the ones who volunteer in American projects to help the communities that cannot afford medical care. Inhibiting access to the borders will depend on a longer term to reduce the number of doctors. As such the doctor to patient ratios will not balance, this makes the patients more vulnerable to medical cases and also those who cannot afford the cost of treatment may have to forego.

Ethnic backlashes and discrimination will rise, the whole issue of immigration has already created a platform for neglect and discrimination. The extremists in America will feel free to negatively attack the immigrants just because they are not wanted in the country. The Muslim religion will also be ridiculed since it is the one common thing among the seven nations, such issues may go unnoticed since the same illegal immigrant being tortured may feel that going to the police or the hospital will expose them to deportation (Pierce et al. 2018).

Doctors without borders is another initiative that was dubbed to execute medical services without restrictions of any boundary. Patients who benefited from the doctors coming from America will have to forego medical care since most of these patients lack the funds to access better medical conditions.

The immigration policies pose a huge stumbling block in the day to day activities of healing and treatment of patients. It is time to honor the doctors' code of saving lives without judgment. Who are we to determine who lives and who dies? We are no God. All lives should, therefore, be treated the same and immigration laws should be revisited. Not everyone is a threat to peace.


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