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Multicultural advertising refers to a method of marketing to audiences of different ethnicity. It uses different cultural referents to persuade customers (Bartikowski, Taieb, & Chandon, 2016). Good examples of multicultural advertising agencies in Denver are Xcelente marketing group and Axis multicultural agency.

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Xcelente Marketing Group is a multicultural marketing agency owned by Xcelente Marketing Group. It offers integrated marketing which acts as a one-stop Hispanic marketing solution. Xcelente Marketing Group targets the Latino market. It provides public relations and Hispanic advertising to Hispanic market clients. Their success model is based on delivering unmatched services and products to their clients. Xcelente marketing strategy involves positioning and brand image. Their brand is based on market research, corporate image, graphic design, collateral material design, and creative advertisement. They also practice multimedia production, guerrilla marketing, and public relations. In the past Xcelente advertising agency has customers like; RYE Telephone Company (RTC), Solera National Bank, Starz Encore, Travelex, VeriFone International, and Virtual Money.

Axis multicultural agency is the other multicultural and communication agency in Denver that specializes in the new and ethnic America consumer. The agency based on a global network, national footprint, and unique expertise. Axis marketing agency was started by Amando Azarloza who is still a president and co-founder of this marketing agency. It targets a world-class range of industries and brands, for instance, Verizon, Gm, Clorox, and others. Axis marketing agency offers brands that range from tools and process that allow personalization of content and media optimization (Kipnis et al., 2013). It is therefore mainly based on engagement, partnership, earned media, insights and creative content.

Xcelente marketing agency has embraced digital marketing since 95% of Hispanic uses mobile. Digital marketing that involves inclusion and imagery in addressing fashion and styles. Xcelente marketing agency also uses high-quality advertising mobile experiences touchpoint to the point of buying. Also, the agencies specialized services which such as brand designing. Although the group mainly targets the Hispanics and Latino Americans, in several instances, the group has advertised targeting the African American community in Denver. However, the company is careful to distance itself from any advertisements that could harm its reputation by racism (Kipnis et al., 2013). Xcelente marketing agency mainly focuses on Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Axis marketing agency uses diversity and inclusion method to target consumers effectively (Burton, 2002). Diversity and inclusion work effectively in America as young citizens are always looking for brands that keep on evolving. Axis marketing agency also uses Family Come to the First method because 'family first' is considered to bring growth population to brands. Though most of their customers are the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Axis has also been able to advertise for bigger companies like Verizon. Additionally, Axis advertising agency has better strategic plans that enable it to penetrate and reach more people from different ethnic communities (Burton, 2005). For instance, the company ran an advertisement for Verizon targeting both the Hispanics, Latino, and African Americans.


I would choose the Axis marketing agency If I were a branding manager for the brand targeting the Asian American population. The agency has formulated strategic plans that focus on understanding the population better before developing advertisements that are suitable to that population (Kipnis et al., 2013). Finally, Axis agency targeting strategy focus on diversity and inclusion method which will work for the Asian American population. On the other hand, Xcelente Marketing Group is more specific on advertising among the Latino and Hispanic Americans. Thus, the agency may not perform well while targeting the Asian American community (Bartikowski, Taieb, & Chandon, 2016).


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