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Date:  2022-10-31

For unit one, I was acquainted with information on personality, understood how one's life can impact the development of a theory, the personal influence on interests and introduced to various research methods. The most interesting part of the unit was finding out how psychological perspectives are perceived and how they should actually be viewed. This was important as I realized that there are various ways in which people can think and behave. I could relate the various forces behind my behavior, emotions, and feelings to my childhood experience at the end of the unit.

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Unit two contained detailed information on the unconscious mind and the various psychodynamic perspectives. Detailed information on the thoughts of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were part of the course. The most interesting part was the differences between the unconscious mind between the two psychologists. While Freud thought the mind as a store for repressed thoughts such as sexual desires, Jung thought that the mind contained information that one was born with. According to Jung, the Ego was conscious but with Freud, the Ego was unconscious.

Unit three contained the behaviorist perspectives on personality. Some of the behaviorists looked at were Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, who similarly discussed how their theories shaped personality. The most interesting part was classical conditioning by Pavlov. His example was quite explanatory as he saw food as an unconditioned stimulus for his dogs whereas salivation was the unconditioned response. He could successfully change neutral stimulus to conditioned stimulus hence, the ability to create a similar response off a new stimulus.

Unit four discussed cognitive psychology and its application to self, social modeling, as well as self-efficacy. Social modeling was the most interesting part of the unit as it defined how one could imitate others by just observing their behavior. The concepts discussed included attention and retention, where I could relate them to my childhood experiences since I could pay attention to my siblings' positive behaviors and practice them so that I could be rewarded similarly through retaining them.

Evolution and biological perspectives, as well as psychological points of view, were discussed in Unit five. The most interesting part was that everything termed as psychological was also biological as related to evolution. I could definitely agree with the statement after learning that neurons, which transmit behavioral actions, are part of the central nervous system hence, its credibility.

The main points discussed in Unit six were culture and geography, especially in the U.S. the detailed components of the Unit were the roles of geography in culture and the minority psychology. The most interesting part of the unit was the roles played by geography on culture. I could find both positive and negative Impacts of geography on culture. Some songs are retained until now to show how it was like living at the time of immigration whereas some aspects of geography led to isolation and remoteness between communities as a result of rituals.

Details about the ecological theory, attachment, parenting, and family structure were discussed in Unit seven. Bronfenbrenner's Family Systems Theory was the most interesting topic in the Unit. I could realize how my childhood environment impacted how I grew and developed. I could also find out how I interacted with various ecological systems such as the home environment and the school system, which impacted my childhood life.

Unit eight discussed technology and personality. The most interesting part was the fact that artificial intelligence could impact one's true intelligence. I could relate how computer programs can solve many problems including algebra, which could otherwise be solved by a human being.

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