Essay Sample on Race, Sexuality, and Fantasy

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Date:  2022-09-28


A race is a construct that is created based on the minor, external biological differences in human beings. These differences are different from man-made constructs like culture, which entail different ethnicities. Sexuality can be defined as the reactions as well as the erotic feelings that human beings have the capacity to have. According to biologists, sexuality is the means through which the lineage is given the next generation when a child is conceived. It regards the spirit, body and the mind, however, this regarding is holistic which fails to filter the psychological mechanics of the reproductive system. Psychologists define sexuality as a way to show the fullness of love that occurs between a woman and a man. Fantasy is the process or the ability to create improbable or unrealistic mental images which are usually in response to psychological need. This paper will give a clear connection between race, fantasy as well as sexuality in human natural circumstances.

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'Race' is something that points out obvious differences like the color of the skin, the features of the face and other such specious factors. Therefore, this construct does exist. However, since these features render no distinction to the physical and cognitive nuances of a human being, this construct is of no substantial value. The word and concept of 'race' came around the 16th century at the time of colonial cultures around the world. The European settlers would coin the term from the French and Italian terms rassa and razza respectively. These terms were used to describe differences in the features of an individual based on descent and ancestry.

The race was first used in referring to those individuals who spoke a common language, was then later used to signify national affiliations and later by the 17th Century it was used to refer to a person's physical trait. Today race is regarded as a symbolic identity created for the establishment of some cultural meaning or social construct. The race is a classification system lacking a basis in modern biology, but which is sometimes used to categorize humans into variously perceived populations or groups by various perceived discrete heritable phenotypic characteristics, geographic ancestry, physical appearance, ethnicity, or linguistic, social, or another status. Although lacking in scientific validity as a phenomenon of natural science, the concept of race remains a real phenomenon both in popular culture and as a subject of study in social science.

Sexuality depends not only on the physical appearance but also on the emotional quotient of a human being. Sexuality is a characteristic that is nurtured by the society and surroundings in which a person is brought up and hence is influenced by a lot of factors which includes emotional, financial, mental development. Sexuality involves emotional, biological, social, physical, erotic, spiritual feelings, as well as behaviors. The physical, as well as biological aspects of sexuality, mainly concern human reproductive functions such as the human sexual response cycle. Different individuals have a different sexual orientation which at one point may influence the sexual interests of that person and attraction for another individual. Emotional and physical sexuality aspects include the bonds amongst individuals who are usually expressed through deep feelings or physical manifestation of care, love as well as trust. When one reaches puberty, he/she typically increases the interest in sexual activity.

Fantasy is a kind of hypothetical fiction that is set in a universe of fiction, which has no locations, events or people's reference of the real world. It originated from oral traditions which later became drama as well as literature. In fantasy one sees things in an image form, these individuals also create narrative elements which do not need to rely on nature or history so as to be coherent. In Shortcomings, Ben refuses to see the relevance of race to his everyday life. However, when he catches Miko with Leon, he accuses her of willfully participating in her own fetishization by a guy who looks at her with an Orientalist gaze. Yet, he himself seems to participate in a similar transaction in his relationship with Sasha. In contrast, Alice and Meredith seem to find romantic success in spite of their differences.


In this scenario, we can see that Ben is highly affected by the issue of sexuality and he exercises it when he falls in love with Sasha. The relationship of Miko and Leon influences Ben's feelings and its either he feels it's better than his own relationship or he is also secretively in love with Miko, so he feels bad when he sees her engaged to Leon. Ben claims that race has no relevance in his life but the issue of sexuality when he gets attracted to Sasha shows that race still is relevant in Ben's life, also when he catches Miko with Leon, he accuses her of willfully participating in her own fetishization by a guy who looks at her with an Orientalist gaze, this shows that Ben is racist. When he refuses to see the relevance of race to his everyday life, Ben can be said to be living a life of fantasy thinking that race has no relevance in his daily life but when it comes to the real or actual living, Ben is racist. Alice and Meredith due to the issue of sexuality, love, feelings, and emotions make their romance successful even though one is a female and the other one is a male.

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