Essay Sample on Stories That Inspire Advocacy

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Date:  2022-10-03


The piece of work is a great inspiration in the sense that the youth in the society should align themselves in doing the job either individually or even communal as a complete disregard on the religious affiliations, gender, race or even the sexual orientalism. Youth in the society have a greater capability encompassing the strength and all the necessary aspects that need to be invested to catapult the community and achieve the desired targets as well as the objectives. Since social change encapsulates the change in the social institutions, the general nature, the social relations of the society or even the social behavior, other social structures as well as the community of people. The passion for the student-led social responsibility automatically ignited as a result of pinpointing what is necessary to be done as the youth and the general ethical way of conduct without basing on the archaic aspects such as the gender or any other relevant issue. Young people indeed have to engage in guiding and leading the societal activities since they still have got knowledge and appropriate tactical skills in tackling certain phenomena (Capecci, J., & Cage, T. 2012).

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The main message to the younger generation rooted in any given community should act in most cases as stars as well as the pillars in guiding the elder segment towards the execution of specific processes. The activities may either be mere or even primary; they should develop passion in whatever they are engaging in. Furthermore, the task will be finished within a brief period as they are applying the knowledge and skills they may have recently gained. In the long range, the community will be stabilized and thus the ability to realize the achievement of set goals as well as the targets. When the top leadership panel is trying to engage the youth, they should be able to listen to them if the desired results were expected keenly. The younger generation inherently composes of both the youths well as the children. The barriers that tend to inhibit listening to the young people should be avoided. It is also high time to offer young people criticisms, feedback as well as the comments as a way of validating them. Change is usually depicted as being inevitable, and indeed it is since the youth should be authorized for the same wave of change to be affected (Muindi, F., & Tsai, J. W. 2017). Mobilization with the combination of the authority on youth is crucial in that it fosters them affect systemic, cultural as well as the personal transformations in their real-life situation and more so to others.

Moreover for inspiration to be met by use of advocacy it is important to use best techniques of motivation of meeting of goals and objectives. The younger generation remains to be motivated and brought up by use of different strategies for the attainment of goals at different angles. It is thus, the pillars set up by the segment on the execution of specific roles and thus help in meeting the critical roles. The different panels set by the community should remain strong in advocating for the growth and stabilization of the younger generation in terms of advocacy. The past stories on different cultures remain to be the main inspiration lines that keep the youth inspired on daily basis. The issues of ethics should be abandoned when determined to be of no value to the inspiration growth of the young individuals. The individuals remain to have the freedom of choosing between the good and bad aspects of getting into distinct cultures and ethics of the different societies. The various percepts on the inspiration stories remain to give the direction on the best ways to be followed for the inspiration goals to be achieved.


In conclusion, the book on "Enrique's Journey" by Nazario Sonia and the movie "Stand and Deliver (1998)," both of them chosen extrapolate on the different inspiration stories that should be taught to the young g generation. All these stories remain to bring well comprehension of the different aspects of inspiration and thus give a lot of teachings and lessons that should be adhered to on our daily lives.


Capecci, J., & Cage, T. (2012). Living proof: Telling your story to make a difference : essential skills for advocates and spokespersons. Minneapolis, MN: Granville Circle Press.

Muindi, F., & Tsai, J. W. (2017). Journeys in Science: Inspiring the Next Generation.

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