Essay Sample on Terrorist Attacks: A Growing Threat

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Date:  2021-05-26

Terrorist attacks continue to present a major challenge in European countries given the unrelenting enmity between Muslims and Whites. Terrorist activity between the years 2015 and 2016 justifies the fact that there are more inhuman acts to be witnessed in the future. For instance, countries within the European Union have become a primary targeted for the Islamic extremists. Example cases include the Nice attack in France and the Brussels attack in Belgium. Many other attacks have been witnessed in European countries and have claimed several innocent lives. The ongoing civil war and Syria and Iraq have had a significant impact on the youthful population in Europe in the sense that many youths live their countries with intent to join the Islamic terrorists and high ranking Jihadists (Marsico & Long, 2016). In light of these developments, it is significant to mention that the wars will continue to affect European peace and stability. The reasoning to justify the logic develops from the fact that many European countries such as America continue to meddle in the Middle East affairs.

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Americas involvement is a logical course given the humanitarian crisis set by the Islamists and Jihadists. Despite such military aid, many of the European nations continue to bear the weight of their repercussions. Additionally, there is the intuition that the extremists try to endorse war within their countries for the sheer reasoning of political issues and radicalizations. Importantly, they are of the opinion that their religion and culture is superior compared to the Europeans. As such, the continued fight against the terrorists activities in the Middle East will continue to trigger more violence within European countries. The Brussels Airport attack is an example case that would be validated with the same ideology (Stern & Berger, 2015). The attack injured an estimated population of about 250 killing more than 20 people given the blast at the Maelbeek subway. Consequently, the jihadists released a statement several hours later claiming responsibility. According to the terrorist, Belgium was a target given that it supported EUs missions to wipe out the Islamic State. In the attack known ISIS bomb makers were involved such Najim Laachraoui. The ideology behind the heinous acts develops from the fact that they would want to be granted the mandated to continue killing innocent lives.

The European Union is founded on mutual respect for life and the dignity of humans. In light of these acknowledgments, it works towards promoting the welfare of different communities of the world. However, part of its mission is to maintain peace in the world. Islamist tends to hold a differed opinion in the sense that they think the EU is after their political interests. Thus, they continue to kill and violate human rights in Europe with an intention to counter EUs missions in Syria and Iraq. As a result, there are more violent attacks in the future given that many of the worlds super power nations will continue to fund and support technical aid to the Middle East mission to eliminate the terrorist. Conclusively, the difference of opinion between the Middle East region will continue escalating violent attacks in Europe. Such reasoning develops from the fact that the political instability created by the terrorists will not be supported by European nations. Importantly, there are calls to end the massive refugee influx in European countries.


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