Essay Sample: Why Google Is Interested in Buying Twitter

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Date:  2021-05-20

There has been criticism on the way Twitter has been running its company. The continued flat growth and adverse reactions from its users, there has been a suggestion from some quarters that the company should be taken over by a bigger company so that it can work out to stem out the troubles that the firm has been facing. The source from CNBC is that Google-Salesforce has been in negotiation with the social media company Twitter on the possible sale out. Google is seen to be the best company to buy Twitter, reason being that Google has tried severally to be innovative on the social platform but failed. The cash-rich Salesforce of Google will provide Twitter with the necessary tools and expertise through cloud computing so as to excel. In case the acquisition comes to pass then, this would be the biggest ever acquisition in technology. The value of Twitter currently is $33 billion (Puschmann & Burgess, 2013).

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Why would Google be interested in the acquisition of Twitter and what could be the benefits to the company? The first reason is that all the users who send tweets, the 140-character are visible to anyone who follows them. This feature is not found in the search engines like Google. This is a thriving and most engaging social network that Google would want to capitalize on. The feature of sending over 500m tweets on a daily basis envy Google, since they tried to introduce this feature but failed. Googles dependence on cost per click has declined over the years giving way to Facebook as the best advertising media since there have been increased users of mobile phones who can access Facebook easily. Acquiring Twitter will, therefore, be the easiest way that Google can move back to the top as an advertising agency. Google through Google+ tried to take over the social network but failed simply because Facebook had taken over and it became difficult for its users to navigate and sort out best circles that suited them. Acquiring Twitter will, therefore, make it possible for Google to vacuum up all the data about peoples online activities and habits. Does Twitter provide a feature of real-time search whereby a person can search when are the Olympics going to start? The useful information provided in real time will be made possible only through the hashtag feature.

Google will benefit from the number of adverts it will provide at a particular time. A situation whereby there is an integration between Google and Twitter, then it would be much easier to target a big number of population with a particular niche. The result would be a boost in business for both Google and Twitter shareholders. Acquiring Twitter will benefit you tubes video content. The number of visitors to YouTube is amazing, and therefore a stable integration would probably increase the frequency of the returned visits. The introduction of you tubes community whereby its users can share text and photos are aimed at ensuring that its users return to watch more videos on that channel. Acquiring Twitter will, therefore, ensure that its user gets instant information on videos that are posted on YouTube. A summary of what Google could bring to twitter are a huge number of advertisers already using Google Ad Words and AdSense, global reach, potential inclusions by default in Android mobile software, integration with YouTube for videos and resilient systems. A summary of what Twitter will bring on board are a highly engaged social network, a different dimension of data, use of instant information, mobile- optimized platform for advertising and a positive reputation on privacy.


Puschmann, C., & Burgess, J. (2013). The politics of Twitter data.

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