Letter From Manager of Sagami Tei Restaurant

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Date:  2022-09-28

Dear Mr. Kagawa,

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Enjoy the increased wide variety of Japanese cuisines in Sagami Tei restaurant. As Sagami Tei restaurant fraternity, we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support to our business wholeheartedly. We appreciate your decision to choose us in serving you with foods and drinks for several years now. We are grateful that you have turned out to be one of the most loyal customers for our business since the restaurant started its operations in the food industry. Additionally, as the manager of the sales and marketing department in the restaurant, I take this opportunity to thank you for setting aside sufficient time to read this letter despite your busy life. The primary aim of the letter is to inform you about the improved and an increased variety of Japanese meals in the restaurant as discussed in the subsequent paragraph.

As a manager and with the collaboration of the top management of Sagami Tei restaurant, we have realized that most of the people in the society are leading busy lifestyles to the extent that they have limited time to prepare quality and delicious meals back at their home or workplaces. Additionally, it has come to our attention that most of the people are craving to have the traditional Japanese cuisines as they strive to embrace healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Therefore, I have decided to write this letter to you as one of our esteemed clients to inform you about the improved and increased variety of Japanese cuisines that we are offering at reduced prices. The new types of food include but not limited to the improved sushi, Shabu-shabu, Ramen, Tempura, and the special tea, among others. Furthermore, we have lowered the prices charged to the different meals to ensure that every client can afford the meals despite his or her economic status in the society. However, it is worth to inform you that the restaurant continues to emphasize high-quality products despite the relatively low prices. We are providing prizes and gifts to the customers who will purchase the new and improved food packages in our hotel. I would like you to visit us and try the new and enhanced meals. I am sure that you will never regret the visitation because we have a wide variety of the new and improved mouth-watering meals.

Interestingly, the customers can either physically access the restaurant or use the official online platforms to place their orders on the preferred foods and drinks for delivery. The restaurant operates 24 hours in all the days in a week. Therefore, feel free to come and try the new arrivals, and I believe that your taste buds will become satisfied but continue to want more delicacies from our product mix. Again, we thank and gratefully appreciate you for dining with us, remaining a loyal client, and even giving us your precious time to read this letter. I can't wait to see you being served by our competent and professional employees in the organization.


Kubo Okazaki

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