Examination of the Picture: Ginevras Portrait - Art Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-06-17

In the process of examination of pictures in the society and specifically in museums, there are various aspects to acknowledge as those are which help in building pieces of art in the population. It is in this manner that established the need to appreciate and acknowledge the role of the same in making pictures qualitative and improving the likeness of art. It is that specific attributes of arts that show what both form and content are composed of and the way they need to be analyzed to help in highlighting their values to the population to help in acknowledging the same. One piece of art that stands out is Ginevra de Benci and this can be easily said to be Washingtons Mona Lisa because of the various features that the portrait has the resemble those of Mona Lisa.

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The exemplary skills used in doing the art needs to be acknowledged. It is apparent that the artists did an exemplary work in doing the picture. Such is evident in the manner in which the face of the lady is done using flawless chalk-white skin, porcelain-fine features, and a reserved and evidently impenetrable expression which helps in the reflection of a 16-year-old Ginevra de Benci. The art is one of a lady from a rich family and was a subject of renaissance; in this manner, she had vast wealth and highly educated. She was the daughter of a wealthy Florentine banker and the picture was done in such regards to help in the preservation of all elegance of the lady in the picture. The quality of the portrait is established in the fact that the portraits was done several years ago but still remains as new. The use of the medium of oil paint with the inclusion of some wrinkling on the surface proves that Da Vinci had some challenges to put the picture to perfection.

With a careful examination of the picture, one issue that is apparent is the nature that the author highlights at the background of the portrait and the subtle three-dimensional face of Ginevra. There is the need to acknowledge the effect of quality of the face of the lady in that there is careful transformation of the face to a new naturalism to show the transformation of the Renaissance painting. However, the application of skills in doing the picture is one issue that stands out in that the modeling of Ginevra is done through the use of gradually deepening veils of smoky shadow and not by the use of line or not through abrupt transitions of color or light. There is the need to appreciate other features in doing the portrait because it is such that help in the appreciating the quality of the art and the skills employed in doing the same.

Other features that are evident in Ginevras portrait is the way the lady is placed in an open setting despite the fact that the art was done during the time when women were to be carefully sheltered within the walls of their family homes and with the inclusion of landscapes that glimpsed through open windows. Additionally, the three-quarter pose of the art is an elucidation of a steady reserve and is one of the Italian portraiture that resembles that of sex in the population. It is apparent that Leonardo was able to employ various skills in one picture to show various aspects of the art in history.

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