Experience Family Fun at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-11


Bourbon Orleans hotel is the best hotel in New Orleans to go to for a family holiday. It is one of the biggest family hotels in New Orleans and has been recommended in the family hotels web page by those that have experienced their services. It is located 0.5 miles to the city center along the bourbon street a three-minute walk to the Jackson Square and Cafe Du Monde. The places around the hotel have good shopping and Louis Armstrong Park is just a walking distance from the hotel. The bourbon New Orleans hotel will provide great experiences for a holiday.

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The Bourbon New Orleans hotel has the best hospitality a person looking forward to a great holiday expects. On the moment of arrival, guests are welcomed with a cocktail. This helps the customers to feel at home and relaxed. After the cocktail, they are taken to this rooms to relax and take a bath if need be and then a tour around the hotel accompanied by the history of the hotel which has hosted very prominent people. There are servicemen to attend to any needs that a guest may want, they are also very friendly and respectful. The hotel service is perfect. There are a restaurant and a bar which are in separate places making it perfect for people with different personalities and beliefs. People with kids can order from the restaurant and those that would like to grab a drink can join the hotel bar where there always smooth music being played by a band and occasionally hold karaoke. The bar is located in such a way that people who would want a peace of mind are not disturbed.

The Bourbon New Orleans hotel is a very nice place for families with kids to have fun. The hotel has a nice playground that the kids together with their parents can have fun. There is also an outdoor swimming pool which has a kid's area and the grown-ups area. People who love swimming can enjoy there good time in the pool wherever they like. A good holiday should be fun so there are family building games to help the families bond better and refresh their minds.

The hotel is located in a very strategic place. It is in the city only twenty-five minutes' drive to the shopping center. Tourist can visit the city and tour around. They can have a good in the hotel and as well tour the city which is more fun than just chilling around all day. The clients will have another new experience as there are tour guides recommended that partner with the hotel to give their clients a tour of the city. This ensures the safety of their clients which is a plus for their recommendation. These tour guides make sure that the hotel clients are back to the hotel safely so there is no fear of getting lost. Getting new experiences is every tourist dream. Also, a walking distance there is the Louisiana park which is a whole new experience. The park will be a lot of fun for the kids and also the parents. The hotel is surrounded by very nice visiting areas which will better the stay at the hotel. The park is very near the hotel that one can visit it whenever they feel like and get back to the hotel at ease. Apart from all the fun that the hotel can offer one can boost the experience over there by visiting the park which has a lot of experiences to enjoy. Being at the hotel clients meet and socialite with different people which is very fun because of these various visiting areas.

The hotel is located just a little distance from the shopping center. Their areas around the hotel have very unique materials to shop for to keep an experience about the place. New Orleans is known to be a very good shopping place with relatively free goods. So staying at the hotel, for the fashion lovers they will be exposed to very good clothes and other materials at a good price. Staying at the Bourbon New Orleans hotel will expose the families to the very new experience in and out of the hotel which is very good for exposure and fun.

Inside the hotel, there is good catering and one can get any meal prepared for them at any given time. Children and parents will get to enjoy their favorite meals prepared by international chefs. This means that all delicacies are available at the hotel. Privacy is also granted as families have their own room that is spacious and soundproof. Every decent family needs privacy in order to talk and do their private things. There is customer service that is very efficient that from the room one can request something that will be offered immediately. There is also first aid personnel's that can attend to any emergencies making it a very safe place to be at.

Bourbon New Orleans hotel is a very great place to relax for a few days and get very nice experiences. Having a holiday at the hotel will refresh the mind. There is a lot of fun that comes from this great experience. Everyone likes to refresh and change the environment one in a while. This is the best place for a family holiday. If not at Bourbon hotel, then where?

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