Exploring Theoretical and Best Practice Models in Research - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-28


The best practice model is a systematic method set up to achieve a specific goal or results; it offers a description consistently and cohesively that leads to the expected goal or result. Usually, best practice model comprises different ways of thinking and working. The guidelines provided in an organization manages a wide range of model, methods, and frameworks. This paper explores some of the concepts of theoretical and best practice model based on my line of interest.

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In my research, I would like to address three important topics, these are:

Risk of Violent Behavior in Youths

This subject provides friends, family members, and educators with the necessary knowledge regarding violence in youth. It also helps in understanding risks and protective factors associated with some of the behaviors such as violence; it also provides information based on mental illness in young population, also it educates teachers, friends and family members on strategies that can be used to cope with some of the behavioral issues associated with violence (Davis, 1999).

Child Abuse and Exploitation

This is one of the important topics of my interest; it addresses some of the issues involved in child abuse. It is important to understand the role of child's advocacy centers in the community and the objectives towards achieving protective measures for children. This topic explores some of the behavioral issues regarding a child's treatment, prosecution, and it investigates disciplinary issues involved in child's protection (ALEXANDRIA, 2015).

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children is one of the aspects with great concern in psychological issues for children. This subject is import in evaluating the impacts of medications and psychotherapy regarding anxiety disorders in the young population. Social anxiety, panic disorders, separation anxiety, and generalization anxiety, are some of the psychological problems affecting children; hence, it is of significant interest to address them.

Based on the behavioral health field, there are various job opportunities of my interest, and these include substance abuse counselor, psychometrist, and forensic psychologists (Norcross et al. 2016). In my research, I would like to focus on anxiety in children. This is one of the most important subjects and faith-based, and community initiative (FBCI) is the best model to help in achieving the objectives of this program(Davis, 1999). This model helps in addressing substance abuse, mental health practices, and treatment of mental conditions.

Drug abuse and mental health are major aspects associated with the above subjects. Most of the youths are engaged in substance abuse leading to various mental health issues such as mental disorders. Also, mental disorders in youths negatively affect their education. Major factors that must be considered are violence and severe emotional disturbance abnormal behavioral issues. The best practice model that is applicable in this case is Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) (Davis, 1999). This model is effective in addressing issues assorted with substance abuse. It focusses on providing preventive measures and treatment of disorders associated with drug abuse.

Some of the behavioral health theoretical models, which describe the central elements in this research include the Health Belief Model (HBM), Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and Social-Ecological Model (Davis et al.2015). HBM was introduced to help in understanding the reasons why people fail to utilize preventive measures provided by public health. SCT is a theoretical perspective that was developed to help in explaining human behavior based on dynamic, three-way, and reciprocal model.


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