Film Analysis Essay on "One Life" by Michael Gunton

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Date:  2022-11-06


The movies describe the lifestyles of different species of animals and their adaptations to the ecosystem. Notably, the ecological niche that is occupied by different organisms differs and have different conditions. However, the animals have to survive by adopting special features, for example, behavioral features the increase their chances of survival as seen in the movies. The three species chosen in the movies include gorilla, chimpanzee and the monkey. All the animals belong to the same species but have different behavioral adaptation features that enable them to survive in the environment (Campbell, 2017). All the named animals have the same adaptation of staying in the company of one another to ensure their security from predation. All the behavioral adaptations of the animals in the one life movies are socially learned.

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Gorilla has the behavior of feeding together. Notably, predation is the most significant threat to the life of the gorillas. Feeding together ensure company and security of the animals from predation by other animals. This behavior is learned socially as the animals grow up. The animals are always staying in groups of about ten. One predator, for example, a lion finds it difficult to attack the group of gorilla except when they are walking alone.

The chimpanzee has the behaviors of hanging around with friends. This kind of behaviors is also learned socially from other animals. The animals walk together and have a very close relationship with one another. The company is maintained during feeding, sleeping and throughout the day. The animals also walk in groups of 5 where they can guarantee the security of other animals. During the attack, all the animals tend to assist one another. For example, the animals have the mechanism of alerting one another in case of any danger. Hanging around ensure the animals take care of another (Kendal et al., 2015). The behavior is seen when feeding and sleeping.

Monkeys have the behaviors of sleeping at the top of the tree. As a matter of facts, the jungle where the animals reside have different dangers, for example, lions feed on the monkey. The behaviors of sleeping at the top of the tree scare the predators away and guarantees the safety of the animals during the night. Notably, the monkeys are not energetic enough to protect themselves from predators such as a lion. Besides, the monkeys have a close relationship with one another. This kind of behavioral adaptation is learned socially. For example, young animals learn from older animals.

Taking an example of chimpanzee, the behavioral adaptation of hanging around one another can be explained as genetic evolution. Chimpanzees are born with a close relationship with one another. The animals have a natural relationship with one another.

The relationship between the monkeys and gorilla depicts an inter-species relationship. The animals belong to different species but display same behavioral adaptations with one another. The behaviors are strolling in a group, which serves the same purpose of improving the security of the animals from the predators.

Feeding together, as seen in the book, must be behaviors that are transmitted through sexual selection, where the animals feed together and hung around one another each time of the day (Brennan, 2016). The animals are always endangered by the animals in the forest and therefore need the company of one another to survive.


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