Assessment of WAN for Generic Manufacturing Company Paper Sample

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Date:  2021-05-20

Wide area Network connectivity has been of great benefit to Generic Manufacturing Company receives. It has ensured that this company has improved remote connectivity to all its departments, offices located in different geographical regions. This company uses services like MPLS, Ethernet and the internet to connect with both internal and external stakeholders. The use of Ethernet WAN in this company ensures that it can connect easily with its remote offices which have greater need of efficient exchange of information with the head offices.

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WAN therefore allows Generic Manufacturing Company to have all its data in a common server that has greater accessibility by all the sites. It therefore means that Generic Manufacturing Company has a larger and stronger WAN that offer greater data security and accessibility. This is because the WAN for this company is able to link multiple sites and also has greater remote access which ensures that the employees are able to access its local network from home using the same internet connection. This makes Generic Manufacturing Company to have flexible work environment which allow its employees even to execute their duties at home without appearing physically in the office.

This company also uses leased lines but not bandwidth to boost its network connectivity and therefore it has higher uploading speed and ensure that this company has unlimited monthly data transfer limits. This provides this company with an opportunity to it without increasing its cost. Finally, the WAN for this company is very stronger as it has the capacity to support sharing of sensitive information to all the offices without passing through the internet. It therefore allows this company to encrypt its data before it is sent to adds that secure any confidential information being transferred.

The use of WAN connectivity in this company reduces the cost of communication and also increases the efficiency at which employees collaborate with each other and other stakeholders. The use of WAN by this company also allows it to share common resources and also ensure that it share its internal functions effectively to make it become more productive. This is because WAN for this company allows it to connect all its branches to a central corporate network which are located in different geographical regions.

Since Generic Manufacturing company has its private WAN, it is very costly as the technology it uses to connect two remote places is more advanced and therefore not easy to set up. This is because it requires the use of wireless technologies such as cellphone towers which is very hard to create by the company. It maintenance and set up require high degree of expertise which require significant amount of money.


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