Frank Rainsford: Achieving Entrepreneurial Success Through Effective Leadership - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-07


Frank Rainsford being a potential entrepreneur and also a well-known restaurant manager of his business, he has to apply different tactics to ensure that his business does not at all cost fail. He should ensure orderly arrangement in terms of day to day running activities and enhance that all members are assigned equalized tactics. The desire of every member to undertake responsibilities of should always be considered through him investigating character traits applicable for successful leaders. However, application of organizing, staffing, planning, directing and control functions of all undertakings carried out in any business to achieve set goals and objectives should always be considered. This helps us to minimize loss and maximize profits of a firm (Schaltegger, & Wagner, 2017). Each individual in a given business phase should always consider management principles and furthermore understand them since failure to those cannot result in realistic success.

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However, to help Frank Rainsford solve his problem as a manager, is through advising him to apply management principles in order to effectively and efficiently produce maximum outputs. This is because authority delegation is from top management towards bottom resulting to adherence to assigned task by the management by every member. Managerial skills however are advantageous too in any business, Frank Rainsford should keenly apply those skills to enhance supervision and control of workers. Admissions of workers should always follow a sequence of steps to easily avoid left positions in the business (Crane, Matten, Glozer, & Spence, 2019). The other beneficial skills that Frank Rainsford should apply as a first line manager are technical skills. Also skills of determining by a manager to ensure that the organization is unified as whole and furthermore understanding interactions of the organization with other parts are also considered. The skills are known to be conceptual skills.


To finale, Frank Rainsford as a manager should have an ability to enhance proper communication with, motive and also help employees ensure completion of already assigned activities and thus to hopefully promote cooperation within manager's team (Porter, & Kramer, 2019). Frank Rainsford should also make reasonable decisions in his business to avoid meager losses through lack of customers in the restaurant.


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