Gaining Relevant Skills for Future Job Market: My Final Semester Work Placement - Essay Sample

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I am in my final semester of the undergraduate program at Newcastle University. As part of my course, I am required to go through a work placement program to gain more skills and experiences to enable me, compete competently in the job market. The job market has become very competitive. Therefore, learners must have relevant skills to allow them to secure jobs in the future. I have chosen the DIH International Company for my work placement program. DIH is an international company that offers software products to the healthcare sector. The report explains how theories learned in class are applicable in the real world situation. It also discusses how I can complement the skills learned in class and the experience gained during a work placement program to further my career in the future.

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Work Placement

As I went through the work placement program, I learned so many skills that that would be relevant as I further my career shortly. I learned how management theories are applied in the real world situation. Have realized that management theories are essential in any business organization as they outline how managers and supervisors relate to the organization concerning the organizations' goals and objectives, the implementation of effective methods to get the targets accomplished and how to motivate employees to work best in the organization. Management theories are concepts that revolve around the management strategies, including framework and guidelines that can be employed in modern organizations. Managers prefer bringing various management concepts onboard to choose on the best ideas that can be used to achieve a goal.

The management theory developed by Fredrick Taylor was essential in the organization I chose for my work placement program. In my opinion, Taylor argued that forcing employees to work better might not produce result; instead, Taylor recommended simplifying work to increase productivity (Opitz et al., 2018The strategy is different from how businesses operated in the past where organization managers had limited with their employees where the only way employees were motivated was the job security. As I navigated through the work placement, I realized that the relationship between the employees and employer would enhance teamwork where everyone enjoys working.

Another management theory that I found to be very useful in an organization is the systematic management theory. The method considers business as a single unit that has departments that should work dependently and in harmony to achieve the result goals of the organization (Ashton, 2016). In the working world, managers should evaluate patterns and events in their companies to determine the best approach to use. DIH Ltd adopted an approach where different departments collaborated to produce a result. They found strength in working together as a team than working in isolation.

Sometimes we often think that things will work as we expect them; however, occasionally such coincidences are rare. Therefore, we should always plan as far as our careers are concerned. When planning, it is crucial to draw a career plan and ensure that you deliver according to the drown plan. A career plan is a practical strategy that helps in determining your skills, interest, set career goals and putting the action in place to help you achieve them. A career plan is essential as it helps one to focus on already acquired skills and experiences to achieve career goals that will enable an individual to compete effectively in the job market. Work placement program provides us with an opportunity to improve our skills and gain more experiences that allow us to compete with others when looking for employment.

A career plan is structured in a way that assists you in evaluating your current skills and experience, career goals, priorities, interests, and your intended action. A career plan is a tool to ensure that your career is heading in the right direction. Career plan not only allows you to realize your passion but also facilitate your career goals with reasonable actions and aims. The work placement enabled me to understand the potential I have in my career as it provided a platform to evaluate my skills and experience. During the program, I gained more knowledge that helped me to fill gaps in my knowledge and experience that could have pulled me back from realizing my dream job.

The work placement builds professional knowledge as you learn through the experience of successful people (McGovern, 2018). In terms of skills, have gained more skills on how to conduct research and analysis in the workplace. As a student who is about to look for a job, I believe that the experienced gained in work placement that gives me the right direction of my future employment. I aspire to work with the import and export businesses of various trade companies. During my internship program, I acquired the necessary skills that are required in the foreign market. I have mastered the theories of international trade, economic laws, and regulations as well as the international policies that are very vital for my future career. I have also developed my mastery of foreign languages that will assist me as I transact business with people from different part of the world. During the period, I also acquired knowledge in computer, more specifically the skills to manage and transact business through the online platforms. The skills gained will help me in solving problems that may arise in the international market. The knowledge in the computer will also be very productive, especially when doing advertisement for the company's products on online platforms, radio, and televisions.

The opportunity to undertake my work placement program in DIH Ltd Company equipped me with vast knowledge on how to organize roadshows and managerial skills that I will employ in my future job. I will work closely with the company leadership to help in organizing roadshows and coming up with policies to ensure the goals of the company are achieved. During the internship, I learned the enterprise culture and improved my critical thinking as well as the ability to solve problems in a business. I learned the right techniques that managers use in deciding on the organization. I also learned how to carry out teamwork effectively and communicate with my colleagues effectively in the organization. The skills learned are essential, as they will give me a more competitive advantage than others will in my future career. The internship program also provided me with an opportunity to create a good network with other people. The systems produced plays an important role, especially when I will be looking for employment shortly. The networks will provide links to available job opportunities that relate to my career. When doing an internship, an individual should create a good relationship with people, including the managers so that they can consider you any time they have a job opportunity.

As I navigated through my internship, I realized that companies are different from universities. Companies help build a sense of responsibility in an individual. I realized that in a company when given work to undertake, then it is your sole responsibility to work and complete the job. If you do not complete the post, you will have to work extra time to ensure that you finish all the responsibility assigned to you. Therefore, at work, we should have a good sense of responsibility and be responsible for the positions we hold in the organization.

Another important aspect that I learned during my internship is heart to be there for one another. I realized that it is essential to help your colleagues finish their work if it is something you can handle. I also learned how to talk effectively with them at the right time. By so doing, was not only improving my communication skills but also improving my relationship with them. Working in an environment where get along well with other employees is very much crucial as it helps to reduce unnecessary pressure that an individual may have in the workplace. I, therefore, learned how to respond to people and how to choose the best communication method that will help avoid conflict between others and me.

The theoretical knowledge provided me with the necessary skills required in business performance. I have gained more insight into how to select the target groups to collect data. I have learned how to carry out practical research in the workplace. With the quantitative and qualitative methods learned, being able to collect data from employees and customers, analyze the data, and use the information gained to make the right decisions in the company.

During my internship, I learned how to overcome difficulties that I would experience in my way. Any time I experienced a challenge, I used to seek a solution from senior employees to help me understand the challenging concept better. I always assisted leaders in organizing roadshows, analyzing business models, and talking with startups. The tasks required tremendous professional knowledge to carry out. Even though I met a few difficulties, I gained much knowledge and experience from old workers and leaders. The knowledge and skills acquired from work placement, together with the theoretical concepts I learned in class will give me a competitive advantage when I get to the job market. Employers are nowadays interested in practical knowledge, not only the theoretical knowledge learned in school.

Knowledge and experience can build your foundation and shape the direction of your future career. Through the experience, skills, and expertise in international business, I can use Microsoft Excel to analyze business statistics. The favor of the skills being able to conduct and finish business research in the workplace. In the path of learning, I now understand the cultural diversity among organizations and the international relationship that helped me have a vision for employees and culture. I realized that creating a good relationship with my employees would help me have a conducive working environment, thus achieve my goals in the future.

During my internship, I also learned many ethical issues in the organization that are very important for the success of the business. I discovered ethics and was always alert on how I talked to people in authority. I learned the channels of communication is very vital to me as I now get in the job market. I discovered the prescribed cord of conduct that was required in any sector of business, including ethics in the production of goods and services. The experience has gained for the short period I have been in an internship; I can now evaluate my interest and compare with the skills I have and see what my future is in the international business. To facilitate the knowledge, skills, and experience I have, I will attend learning and training centers to build on my profession. By going through my internship, I have learned how I can apply the acquired knowledge to a real-life situation. Am now able to practically applied knowledge about the international business. I now understand that the interpersonal relationship between the employees and the employer promotes employees' loyalty in the organization. Such expertise is essential especially in managing human resource in future because employees are at the backbone of the success of a business.


  • Can now operate a computer and use the word excel to calculate and analyze business statistics
  • I can overcome the challenges, obstacles, and make success in future businesses.
  • I declare to take a risk and try new business opportunities since I have realized that an entrepreneur must be a risk-taker.
  • I am friendly and able to work with others comfortably in the workplace.


Lack of work placement program can cause the following:
  • I would...

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