Gender & Leadership: Impact on Organizational Performance - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-11


Based on the content of the book, gender has a great influence on the kind of leadership technique deployed. In this case, women suffer from issues of handling various organization roles such as power distribution. This action effectively affects how an organization runs its activities.

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What was so interesting about the content is that leadership behaviors have a great influence on how an organization runs. Leadership styles greatly affect the rate at which a company growth. Therefore, based on the kind of leadership deployed, an organization can either fail or excel. Additionally, effective management techniques help companies to develop better approaches to solving issues which may hinder organization performance.

The leadership technique has affected my perception of how various organizations are run. In this case, the content has helped me to understand why some organizations are running at lose while others are earning high profit. Additionally, gender has a great influence on how organizations are run. In most cases, women are do not have effective management techniques which sometimes hinders performance.

The reading has helped me to understand leadership styles and behaviors have a great influence on how an organization runs. In this case, a manager should first understand all possible leadership styles so as to understand the most effective in the running of the organization. Effective leadership techniques help managers to develop effective decision-making and problem-solving. This technique helps an organization to utilize all possible opportunities which drive toward development effectively.

In my future leadership, I will apply the knowledge and skills in running an organization. At first, I will effectively analyze all leadership behaviors so as to understand the best techniques. Effective application of leadership traits will affect how I will run an organization.

Exercise Two

From the video clip, leadership techniques have great impact activities are conducted. Poor management technique leads to a massive loss. As a way of overcoming massive loss, most companies try to introduce new products so as to compete with other companies which are producing the same products.

What was so interest in the video was how chief executive officers integrate various ideas and innovation to enhance their performance. Physical appearances are a critical aspect that influence the movement of a product. High sales rate influences how stakeholders participate in the improvement of the company. Lack of effective skills and experience affects how a person participates in various organizational roles. So as to enhance the success of most companies, unions are formed so as to enhance their performance.

Companies such as Ford have affected my understanding that management system plays a vital role in the success of an organization. In this case, management should always develop effective techniques which may help to overcome issues such as loss by engaging in activities such as innovation which helps to maintain its customers.

After viewing the video, I have gained that managers should aim at developing realistic products. This concept influence how stakeholders participate and contribute to organizational growth. So as to overcome the issues, companies should encourage negotiation plans which helps to introduce new ideas of doing things. This helps to create unions which help to cater workers welfare by raising. Through the process, companies are able to build a team of organization which driven toward the achievement of its goals.

In the future, I will apply the skills and knowledge to integrate various individuals in an organization so as to build a team which will spearhead toward the organization goals. Additionally, as a leader, I will ensure continuous engagement on innovations so as to maintain customers.

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