Goal Alignment: Achieving Organizational Goals Through Information Sharing - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-27


In every organization goal alignment is an important aspect that needs to be carried out since it's the process through which an organization puts its workforce in place to be able to achieve the organizational set goals. The set goals should be clearly outlined as either short-term or long-term goals. In case of the strategy to achieve the long term goals the necessary steps needed to be taken starting with the information sharing within the organization to be able to know what is to be done or what they should be working on for the attainment of the set goals through division of labor (Baumgartner & Rauter,2017). I have chosen Uber as my case study.

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Uber has abled to grow globally due to the best method in which it aligned the goals set for the employees to the organization's vision and mission through the following process.

Uber Made the Company’s Vision Part of the Process

All employees know and understand the vision of the company through training onboarding and hiring and the vision is always incorporated in the term of employment.

Tying Vision With Goals

Uber made sure that the vision is tied to the company realistic goals that are collectively contributed by all members of the company. Visions were integrated with goals that help the employees to hold each other accountable for mission achievement in the presence of the necessary tools such as technology that is majorly [practiced in Uber company.

Clear Communication

Uber maintained clear communication as one of its strategies to achieve organizational missions and goals. Communication flows are conveyed through reliable sources even though they were comprehensive but clear. Other methods also applied to include face to face communication within the organization e with to communicate with employees on how is to be done in achieving the organization missions.

Company Transparency and Follow Up

Uber ensures transparency in the organization to create a good rapport with its clients and name building as they are part of the mission's achievement. Follow up helps an organization in records tracking to be able to know areas that need improvement (Leggett et. al, 2019).

Uber has been majorly affected by the sexual harassment practices in which they have been corrected through the following process as a way of correcting its management performance process.

Providing Clients With Positive Reinforcement

The client's reinforcement includes taking action to those who engage in sexual harassment by reporting to the relevant authority and also terminating their work contract. Terminating their work contract and reporting will help reduce the behavior by the employees at a larger contest.

Providing Good Services to the Clients

Clients are treated with respect and provision of some free benefits such as water and the transport means are fitted with emergency services as well as ample sitting places. Good services and amble space will help the organization build its name and able to attract laggard customers globally.

The two best methods that have been effective in the growth of Uber include:

Tying vision with goals has helped Uber in continuous growth as it has helped the organization to improve on daily organizational activities such as correcting errors of sexual harassment, employee motivation and practicing of the division of labor for quality work.

Clear communication has helped the organization to have an open communication ground for easy identification of gaps that need to be addressed. Communication also helps in selecting the best advertising modes to expand the organization market to increase sales.


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