Good Decision Making: Impacting People Positively - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-01


Decision making refers to the process of selecting the best option to be done, from a wide array of the available choices, based on its suitability to the conditions in which the person making the decision is under. There are various characteristics of good decision making, which is poised to bring the intended results to the concerned stakeholders in the end. One of them is that good decision-making impacts other people positively. In this regard, since the made decision is meant to be executed in such a way that there are third parties involved, all such stakeholders should not be adversely affected by the made decisions in any way, hence a good decision made. Also, good decision making should be executable (Tzeng & Huang, 2011). It refers to the process whereby there are enough resources and means to implement the needs of the made decisions, hence qualifying to be a good decision making. There is also an aspect of the good decision-making being pragmatic, such that it does not only exist in theory, by can be undertaken practically in the real-life situation. The good decision making should also result in the availability of the systematic sequence of executing the made decision, hence offsetting the presence of the elements of confusing as it is being delegated. Finally, good decision making should be made after the consultation of all the involved stakeholders to obtain all the required intellectual knowledge before arriving at the best decision (Zeleny, 2012).

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One important decision that I made in the past is that of moving to Atlanta GA to join the Atlanta Police Academy. The decision ended up being good. There are reasons as to why it ended up to be a good decision. They all fall under the components required of one to qualify in the Atlanta Police Academy. One of them is that when I was tested physically, I passed the test. The Academy requires that the potential police trainee is of good body physique, which I passed. Also, I passed the medical tests administered in the academy, where there are the minimum health requirements of one to be part of the team. I also passed the drug test since one is required to be free of any abuse of drugs. There are also the department has written and interview tests, meant to test one's intellectual capacity for the position, which I passed very well.

There are the things which one should consider before making the same decision of joining the Atlanta Police Academy. One of them is the extent to which he/she has used the drugs. It is required that one should be free of any drug usage as tested in the academy. Also, one should consider the extent of body fitness. It is a requirement in the Atlanta Police Academy that one be very fit physically since the job is quite demanding physically. There is also an aspect of the intellectual capacity on matters police and security, as well as the ability to communicate clearly, which are both tested through the written and panel interview tests. Finally, there is an aspect of the fitness in terms of the psychological aspects, which are tested in the police academy through the administration of the medical should be healthy in the psychological matters to make good judgments in any situations (Henderson et al, 2013).


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