Hillary Clinton's Women's Rights Are Human Rights: Speech Analysis

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Date:  2022-09-17


Historical significance of the speech is that it highlighted the need for women to get the same rights as men given their tremendous contribution to support their families. The 20 minute speech over two decades ago has been instrumental in the improvement of healthcare, education and politic representation of women in various parts of the world ("20 Minutes That Changed the World: Hillary Clinton in Beijing"). The huge inequality across the world and the discrimination of women based on their gender is what prompted Clinton to deliver her speech to persuade government officials and world at large to change their stand on their view of women. This speech was appropriate at this time because American women had overcome their long fight for human rights equality and other parts of the world could emulate their progress. Audience of this were mainly women and government officials to find ways of empowering through human rights and this message by Clinton was well received as today many nations have made tremendous progress with regards to women rights.

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The speaker use nonverbal communications in the form facial expression, eye gaze as and body language appears very determined to explain the need for women to be recognized for their huge contribution in the different societies across the world. Clinton used verbal communication mainly by stressing some of the important points through repetition by constantly the phrase "it is the violation of human rights "and Hillary Clinton made use of body language in some ways however she could have explained the issue better through concise movements when explaining women contribution n in gatherings.

One notable strength of this speech is its simplicity and clear articulation of the topic of women rights are human rights based on how Clinton presented it. The speech is well organized from the introduction through highlighting the contribution of women in the society. Clinton starts the speech by celebrating contributions make at home, communities, and their duties as mothers, workers, citizens and leaders.

Another strength is that the audience understood what the speaker was based on the step by step explanation of the issue of women rights. Speech's body centers on the importance of focusing on the issues that matters the most in the lives of women and their families. Many of these issues include access to health education jobs and the right to seek political leadership in their respective nations. In its conclusion the speech recognizes the need for women to be respected and treated with dignity and each one of them given the freedom to make their own choices without discrimination of any nature. It also is very informative as after listening to the speakers argument one is able to agree women need to treat humanely.

The speech is very well organized and transition is clear from the introduction of importance of women's contribution to discussion of how women can be assisted through giving them access to certain social amenities. The speech also concludes well by reminding the audience of their role in their respective countries when it comes to ensuring the human rights for women and their families are respected. One weakness of the speech is that the speaker spoke fast and some of the audience could get little as result.

Rhetorical Devices Are Very Much Present in the Speech by Clinton


Ethos refers to the credibility of the speaker and Hillary Clinton being the United States first lady was very much a suitable. Being a woman she knows very well the hardship that women faces and how their human rights are constantly violated and thus making her an excellent speaker for the topic. She also states that over the past 25 years she has engaged viciously on the challenges facing mainly women and their children thus knows a lot about how these problems can be addressed.


In her speech the speaker evokes reason by stating facts such as women make up half of the world population and many suffer from violence and discrimination due to lack of human rights that protect them and elevate their quality of life.


The speaker also connects with the audience by expressing her arguments through citing women's experiences such as powerlessness and fear to convince the audience consider enacting laws that protect women and their families. Hillary evokes emotion of the audience by informing them that the women facing this discrimination are their daughters, wives, sisters and mothers. She constantly emphasize how women are violated across and little is done to help them out of this situation.


The speaker uses ethos mostly as she cites her experiences many times to convince the united nation to take seriously her proposal with regard to women's rights. She also explains that working with women has benefits and that women should wake up and stand for themselves in the face of persecution through use of nonviolent means to express their grievances. This use of ethos by Clinton is effective as it derives arguments for women rights from previous experiences as well as herself. Many of the proposals coming from the first lady express how concern for women is something the world must consider taking seriously.

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