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Date:  2022-09-25


Hiring veterans are the process of providing former members of the armed forces with normal jobs in different sectors of the economy. Most members of the armed forces retire early which leaves them with many active years and in need of formal employment. Service men are always busy while on duty which means that a change in retirement can significantly affect them. Veteran affairs strive very hard to provide the retirees with care as well as employment (Collins et al., 2014). This paper will assess the current events in hiring the veterans, the advantages, and impact on the job market, problems and the future projections of veterans in the job market.

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Current Events of Hiring Veterans

The employment of veterans in the civilian job market is a significant issue that attracts congressional interest. Federal data indicates that many veterans served in 2001 who are still unemployed whereas the employment rate of previous service men and women their unemployment rate is lower. Despite the existence of different federal programs that seek to facilitate employment for veterans little has been achieved by 2014. The general veteran programs and the programs that target service men and women with service-related disabilities are mainly involved in planning the integration of veterans into society. The transition programs seek to align veterans with occupations that match their military skills and areas of specialization (Collins et al., 2014). At the same time, the programs search for the jobs and apply for them while at the same time ensuring that the veteran's benefits are well managed.

Veterans are viable and competent for civilian employment opportunities due to the orientation provided by the federal programs. Education funding is one of the benefits that the veterans receive from the government through the GI Bill that provide tuition, fees, housing, books and meet other education costs for the veterans (Collins et al., 2014). Veterans with disabilities acquired in the line of duty face many challenges to gain civilian employment despite the help from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program.

Challenges of Hiring Veterans

Corporate Environment Adaptation

There is a significant difference between the military environment and the corporate environment which poses a substantial problem to Veterans employment. The military culture is made if a clear chain of command and most soldiers identify this as the main opportunity for success (Weaver, 2013). Therefore, the gap between the military environment and the corporate environment is very high.

Reaching Veterans

Reaching a specific veteran population for business is a significant challenge which leads to the communication barrier. When the veterans and the corporate organizations have differences in communication and command which makes it difficult to march them. Other skills include skills translation, education or experience requirements, and educating managers (Weaver, 2013).

The Future Job Market for Veterans

The future labor market for the veterans is likely to increase of the coming years. Because of that, many programs fighting for the increase in the rate of employment for the veterans by most organizations have emerged. As a result, the hiring for the veterans has been brought on the front position of hiring discussions, in part due to joining forces, which is a state initiative that aims at offering education, health services, and employment for most military veterans in the United States (Collins et al., 2014). Consequently, through the program, most organizations have pledged to employ more military spouses and veterans in their labor force for the next five years.

Notably, such joining forces offer free resources to help their workers to connect with veterans who are searching for jobs and bring them to be employed (Batk, & Hall, K. C. (2016). According to the United States census bureau, approximately 7.6% of veterans make up the U.S. population, and they are mostly older and male (Atuel et al., 2016). In the last five years, the rate of employment for the veterans is noted to have increased while the unemployment rate has been going down; thus with this trend, the hiring for the veterans in future is likely to be at a higher price.

Advantages of Hiring Veterans

Markedly, the hiring of veterans is connected with various advantages since their prospects have been improving that they have been before. The possibilities for promotion and income of most veterans have improved. Despite the benefits they offer to the organizations, most vets are employed on a part-time basis since their desire to work for a full-time basis is not always matched by the job market needs. Hiring veterans create a strong work ethic and organizations can enjoy the benefits of team players (Miltner et al. Wendo). Organizations can save their money and resources by hiring veterans, as they are trained and ready to work (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 2016). Similarly, organizations will enjoy the benefits of the reduced tax burden as hiring unemployed veteran might qualify the organization for returning heroes credit tax for each veteran hired.

Further, organizations will enjoy an enhanced learning curve as veterans have verified their capability to learn and train new skills and ideas. Veterans also take responsibilities seriously, as they are trusted to make their jobs extremely serious hence hiring them will bring an excellent level of precision in an organizations workforce. Similarly, since they enter into an organizations workforce with transferable and identifiable skills, the productivity of the organization will be enhanced. Moreover, veterans have ingrained leadership skills, and they take their responsibility seriously (Walker, 2010). Hiring a veteran saves a business the time and resources required to train employees on health and safety. Furthermore, they are goal oriented, and help can help in organizing the organization.

Impact on the Job Market

Hiring Veterans in many employment organizations increases the organization competences and ability to meet more challenges. Hiring veterans reduce the cost required to train managers in the organization to be prepared (Marinaccio, 2008).


Veterans are termed to be motivated, hardworking, and ethical employees; thus, employers should consider hiring them. Accordingly, they are believed to be self-controlled team players that can sustain any business for their employers. Significantly, various effective action programs have been developed to ensure there is equality regarding veteran affairs, no discrimination, and developing a workforce that represents all the segments in the job market. Although many critics say that hiring veterans has no benefits for the organization, utilizing them not only helps the veterans but can also be a smart decision for a business to make as it will offer them various benefits associated with their services.

Most businesses are finding it hard to find good talent for their workforce these days. Nevertheless, they find it challenging to find the right talent for their businesses to grow and increase their productivity. As a result, the businesses are planning to increase their number of skilled workers. Importantly, one solution to that talent crunch could be for the manager in organizations to start thinking about veterans (Loughran, 2014). This research notes that hiring veterans is the best decision that business should consider as it is associated with various benefits including having trained leaders, enhanced decision making, great work ethics, and saves the organization money and resources.

Importantly, veterans often have specialized training and skills, thus hiring them might save an organization some money if they take advantage of tax breaks that are offered to hirers who employ the veterans. Besides, hiring veterans is a good idea for an organization as well as a good business for the whole organization. Veteran's jobs have been noted to increase considering factors such as gender and disability. Veterans without a disability are thought to increase the labor force participation.

Similarly, labor market participation is higher in male veterans without disability; thus it leads to increased chances of employment than those with a disability. Conversely, female veterans with disability have the highest chances in employment. Overall, veterans with disability lower their chances of unemployment; hence, this causes an increase in the work hours per week among the veterans (Collins, Dilger, Dortch, Kapp, Lowry, & Perl, 2014). Markedly, success for the labor market is measured by four outcomes namely: unemployment, employment, labor force participation, and weekly hour of work according to Marinaccio, 2008).


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