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Social media has changed the lives of people in every dimension. The alterations are seen in media studies, communication, interaction, politics, business, and culture. It has resulted in challenging corporate power, compromising state authority, centering of art and politics and making the youth the masters and not the victims of everything. Technology is a representation of freedom and not domination. The phones are using to create the revolution through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and other pages. Every citizen is now free to participate politically as it is a click away and Tweets can be compared to the new streets, where every individual can access. Through technology, the world has been unified, with people meeting and making new friends, business improving and communication made easier. The following work will determine how the cybertarian ideas through the use of social media have influenced the daily lives of people.

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The world of entertainment has been improved through the cybertarian ideas. The internet has improved digital production, leaving the traditional methods almost no longer in use. It is rare to see people reading the newspaper anymore since they can be found in the social networking sites and a simplified manner. The New York Times, for instance, has various social networking sites and they can post new feeds such as news, entertainment, politics, and business. It becomes easy for any person to access the information at their comfort, whether traveling or resting. It cannot be compared to the cumbersome newspapers. Television is also becoming outdated as well as cinema. The developments of companies such as Netflix is challenging the existed of television. The company can attract the customers with the wide range of entertainment information such as movies they can provide (Gauntlett, 2013).

The cybertarian ideas lead to the development of apps which are installed in the smartphones, and they are replacing channels. The apps are easy to use and are most preferable as they are carried around with the phone. When a person wants to watch a certain TV program, for example, they open the app representing the channel. They cannot miss the program due to waiting until when one is at home to use the television. The apps are also best for families who all want to watch the television but have to wait for the parents to watch what they prefer first. Through the apps, any individuals, especially the youth, are sorted out. These apps are not only for entertainment, but they are also important for other purposes such as education. The apps are designed depending on the needs of the target group. The America's Navy iPhone app, for instance, is designed specifically for the navy so that they can be entertained and informed when they are on a mission.

Politics are no longer centered, thus creating excitement to the civil society which is able to participate (Miller, 2016). There are political pages formed in the social networking sites, and they are meant to unite people with the same political goals. When a political leader has propositions, for example, on a development project, they can share the information with his people using Facebook. The citizens will then give ideas on whether the project will be beneficial or not. The information can help in making a decision that will be suitable for the community. The decision-making process is thus not centered around the political leaders, but also the youth are given a chance to be heard. Campaigns can also be carried out on social media. A political leader is able to sell his slogan to the people since most people are in the social networking sites. The feedback given will help establish the chances of winning or losing the elections.

The economic systems made of businesses and corporations have benefited most from the cybertarian ideas. Technology has enhanced companies in different approaches. To begin with, it has improved communication between the workers, customers, and management. Social networking sites such as Whatsapp has made communication very easy as messages are received instantly. The workers can form their group and can be able to hold a discussion on any concerns they have before presenting it to the leaders (Gauntlett, 2015). When one employee has an issue handling a task, they can enquire from the members of the group even when they are far. Through social networking, the employees are provided with a platform when they can interact, during work and when at home. It is a way of creating stronger bonds between the workers, which is necessary for teamwork. It is also comfortable for the employees in virtual companies, who do not have a common office where they meet and interact.

Technology has made it easy for business transitions thus reducing the cases of fraud. Business operations can be conducted online, where all the money is transferred and then the goods taken later to the customers. It is most suitable for businesses taking place in the same country. It is easier instead of carrying money during the transfer. Theft can take place thus losing more, which cannot happen with a wire transfer. Online transactions have also improved operations of companies like Amazon, thus enabling them to operate internationally. A customer, despite their location, is able to go through Amazon website, chose the item they require and order it. The payment is made online and Amazon ships the product to the customer. The online business is at times complicated, especially for the upcoming businesses. It is built on trust, where the customer believes that after making the payment, they will get the product. A new online business has to establish ways of creating trust and loyalty for their operations to be successful.

Technology has enabled companies to conduct research on their business, thus making the correct decisions which support growth. Through the internet, businesses are able to conduct research on the strategies that are used by the most successful businesses and their competitors. It is necessary for developing a competitive edge which is necessary for business development. There is a lot of information on the leadership, marketing and management strategies published on how to run a business, depending on what they manufacture. A company can market their operations through social networking sites. It is a way of reaching to a large group of potential customers by introducing them to what is sold and the value of the products. Every business requires marketing their goods, thus making it possible to develop the business. Through the internet, consumer trends can be studied, which is necessary when producing goods and services that will create customer satisfaction.

The culture of the older generation being in charge of all the operations and controlling information is now over. Almost every youth in the world has a social networking site. They are able to pass any information without any limitations. The smartphones have made it possible to share or access any type of information. It has resulted in a detrimental effect on the youth. Any information is found on the internet, starting with the sex videos. They are posted on the internet, and young people are able to access them. It triggers immorality since most of the youth end up trying what they see on the internet. It has resulted in unwanted pregnancies, high rates of abortion and youth with no morals. The entertainment news where the celebrities are featured with their dressing code has resulted in changing the culture. The young people prefer to copy what they saw on the internet. The dressing code, especially revealing clothes have been associated with the rape of young girls.

The education system has also benefited from the cybertarian ideas. It is most visible because of online and distance learning. Online cases have been formed, and the students are expected to be login in during the lessons. A conversation is held where the students discuss and study the lectures provided by the instructor. Everything is done online such as the assignments and the exams. There are ways of ensuring that the students do not copy the assignments from the internet researches. Through the internet, regular students are also able to conduct research on their own thus improving their academic studies. The information is found in varied form, and there are videos and images which makes it easy for the learners to understand the materials better. When the students are given assignments, they can conduct research on their own using their phones at the comfort of their home. It reduces the cumbersomeness of the library studies. However, the use of the internet for educational purposes has increased the cases of cheating among the students.

The health care sector has also benefitted from the cybertarian ideas. Technology has improved the operations of the medical providers and patient outcome. Through the internet, research has been conducted and evidence retrieved which is used when diagnosing and treating the patients. The use of evidence reduces the patients turn out, the time the patients are held in the wards and improves the health of the community in general. There are technological machines which are produced and used in hospitals for treating patients. The hospital equipment is also improved, which facilitates easy when taking care of the patients. The installation of electronic records has reduced the number of errors and improved patient safety. The nurses no longer fill the wrong information on the wrong patients, which leads to wrong treatment, thus complicating the health of a patient. The records have reduced the excess work associated with patient files and made it easy during the shifts exchange. The patient records are then saved and can be referred to anytime without complications. Through technology, the general outcome of health care has improved.

Cybertarian ideas have supported cultural integration and international peace. Through social networking sites, the world is unified. People are able to make friends from different parts of the world and interact with them. Through Facebook, people become friends and interact freely about their country and personal life. It is a way of making cultures appreciates each other as they learn what each group values most. There are cites where people can form relationships, and in some cases, it has led to long life relationships. When there are international cultural events, they are shared on the internet, and interested people are able to watch and appreciate them. When people are aware of what others value, they learn to appreciate themselves the way they are, and it is a way of promoting peace as cross-cultural wars are reduced.

Despite all the discussed positive effects of cybertarian ideas, there are also adverse impacts in the lives of the people. The internet is time-consuming not only to the youth but any person who uses. The social networking sites take lots of time as there are lots of feeds that are found on the internet. One can read the information without getting tired, and they end up forgetting about other things which might be importance (Undheim, 2002). When studying, for instance, one can find some interesting facts, not related to what one is learning. They start to read it and time goes on, and the student is not able to finish what they were studying. When one is using a site such as Whatsapp to chat with colleagues, it can go on for hours even without noticing that one is wasting time. It is disadvantageous as that time can be invested in something productive such as working or taking care of the family.

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