Improvements That Assist in Time Management

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I have been leading group discussions over the past two years. I mostly deal with open groups where the participant's information could be revealed to non-participants. I preferred this group since there was no risk of disclosing information that was not meant to be told to outside audiences. In this group, the participants are very open to each other since they had nothing to fear about the exposure of information. We have also led several closed discussions as a means to help people who have similar private issues such as stigmatization or family feuds which they do not wish to disclose to other members.

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The Group Context

The proposed group is an open group whose main aim is time management. We will co-lead the group. This group aims at improving the way the members manage the time they have to make maximum use of it. This can be accomplished by ensuring a balance between their day to day activities, some leisure time and discussing how they can balance leisure time and working or study time (Forsyth, 2018). The group will allow the members to share their view about how to allocate the time to different activities and which are the considerations that the person needs to make when doing this. The attendance is voluntary, and the members will choose the best time in which most of them are available.

The Setting

The meeting will be held on Saturday, November 2nd 2018 from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The venue is in one of the rooms at our son's high school. In the meeting, there are about thirteen expected participants. Most of the members are students in high school, four of them are college students, two others are working citizens who have full-time jobs but do not have families while one of the members is a young adult working citizen who has a family. The students are all members of this high school while the employed participants are members of the nearby community and are selected due to their availability. The meeting will be communicated to the participants via phone calls and an invitation note for all the members. As the members rely on others communication channels such as social media, messages to remind them will be posted on our social media groups. The use of several communication channels will be remind of how they can use technology to assist them in time management and ensure they do not fail for an appointment or crucial meetings.

Meeting Goals and Norms

The meeting has the aim of improving time management as a means to attain more within a specific time span. The group will try to provide proper means of time management. This will be achieved by first identifying some of the errors that the members have in time management and the adverse effects that the mistakes have on the overall time management. In addition to that, the discussion will propose some of the improvements that will be attained after the changes in time management. Basing on previous experiences, the problem of time management is evident in most of the people in the community especially the young ones. Most students have issues balancing their studies and other co-curricular activities that they have in school. People who are working also have some difficulty balancing between work and family time for those who have families or leisure time for those who do not have families. The group will be based on this claims and how they can be solved. The setting is appropriate for the audience that is stated above since they may be facing issues with time management.

The meeting will start with a quick introduction so that the participants can know each other and their current occupations or the student status. This will break the ice between the participants since they may not have met each other before. I will ensure that the members understand that we are only there to ensure that the group avoids straying from the main topic. I will also ensure that the most varied points are taken into deep consideration. The members will also be expected to participate in any way that they can to ensure that they get the maximum benefit. The participants are allowed to conceal any material that may seem uncomfortable to share with the group. During this session, members are given an opportunity to disclose something that is going on in their lives since this might be the primary cause of time management problem. People who are depressed in life juggling with numerous activities are likely to be poor time managers. As the goal is to ensure people can balance whatever is going on in their life and this can be achieved by constructing a schedule for their daily activities.

Meeting Content and Process

As stated earlier, the meeting will be aimed at the improvements that assist in time management. The meeting will mainly discuss some of the common mistakes that people make when planning their routine activities and the methods that can be used to rectify them. Each member is expected to identify an error that has been committed earlier and the effects that it had on. I will list the mistakes, and then the members will clarify if the listing is correct (Forsyth, 2018).

Moreover, the members will have an opportunity to disclose some of the mistakes they have been making and led to wastage of time. They will then propose some of the corrections that can be made and the expected result after the correction. They will then decide on the best solutions that apply to each of the listed situations. The students will be among the first to list their mistakes followed by the working citizens with no families and finally the member with a family. The participants will be allowed at most ten minutes to express their thoughts since the meeting will only be two hours long.

Types of Leadership Techniques

The group has been surviving on different types of leadership technique in order to be successful. First, I have been using servant leadership, which allows me to share the power and authority with group members. The group encourages collective decision-making by prioritizing the needs of the members (Lazzari, 2018). Second, transformational leadership assist the members to change to a better future or time management. As the leader, I have to inspire my members via effective communication by encouraging brainstorming among members to share their ideas. The leadership facilitates creativity and innovative ways of dealing with problems. Lastly, when dealing with people from different background or profession, bureaucratic leadership will assist in regulating the regulatory environments (Lazzari, 2018). The members have to adhere to the rules and policy as stipulated by the group's constitution. For example, since the group deals with numerous issues affecting the leaders have to ensure the members attend and arrive on time. Failure to follow the rules the members will face the consequences.


According to myself assessment of how I facilitated this previous meeting, I have given my co-leaders opportunity to lead and air their idea. The strategy is aimed at ensuring that the members can also develop their leadership skills. I cannot direct my group members without their consents as I cannot make a decision or execute functions that should be done by members. I have to stay neutral and assist the members to understand that agenda and business that should be conducted (Facilitating meetings, 2018). The success of the meeting usually is as a result of the mutual responsibility of both leaders and members. The main challenge that I faced is that I had not researched thoroughly on the subject matters. This means I had no comprehensive knowledge of the topic. In this regard, in future, I will be ensuring that I have researched comprehensively about the matter assist my group members to get all the necessary information.


I think that based on the above setting, the members will come up with a proper method to manage their time. The members will also have a chance to be corrected on their mistakes in time management. The members will get a chance to interact with people who share similar time management issues and in turn, come up with some possible solutions. I expect the meeting and the outcome to be successful. Before ending the meeting, we have to set the venue and time for the next meeting to ensure the members are fully prepared psychologically. The secretly will remind the members about what they have committed to do in their lives. The members should leave their current address to ensure they can be reached easily for the next meeting.


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