Influence of Gender Inequality on Domestic Violence in the Connection to the Susan Glaspell "A Jury of Her Peers"

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Domestic violence has been a threat which is affecting many families in the world today. Multiple studies have shown that parents indulge in conflicts due to unemployment, anger, humiliation, financial issues, jealousy or envy, as well as gender superiority. In most cases, women are the ones who suffer a situation which reflects gender discrimination. In connection to Susan Glaspell story "A Jury of Her Peers", she plays a significant role in the American literature where she advocates for equality among genders because men view women as inferior creatures who cannot make their own decision. Therefore, regarding Susan Glaspell story, my study proposal will focus on the influences of gender equality on domestic violence among families today, keeping in mind the women are responsible for household chores.

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Objectives of the Study

Based on my research topic, the purposes of the study will be:

  • To ascertain how gender disparities cause domestic violence among young families today
  • To determine the impacts of family conflicts among young families in society
  • To show the connection between domestic violence and gender roles or responsibilities among young families

Review of the Literature

Gender Disparities and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may be as a result of failing to recognize gender responsibilities as there are specific duties for women or men. For example, Susan Glaspell "A Jury of Her Peers" story, men take the role of the households which are meant to the female gender for instance, when Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale determine the condition of Mrs Wright's kitchen, the men saw scornful of its messy situation and becomes dismissive where Mr Hale says women only worry over trifles (Salvatori, 2017). It merely means, Mr Hale, interfered with the household chores when he chases Wright where she left things half done. Hence, failing to recognize one's role may interfere with the duty the partner resulting in the conflicts.

Besides, gender inequality results in isolation, which eventually leads to domestic violence. The studies show that women are the most discriminated gender in society ranging from participation in leadership, employment or even education. The scenario is seen in the Susan Glaspell story, where female remained isolated in the private life as homemakers while men involved in public functions in the world claiming as breadwinners (Herrera Medalle, 2018). Women were not empowered with knowledge on business or employment as they were supposed to raise children and keep homes a situation which resulted in family conflicts due to disagreement.

Impacts of Domestic Violence

According to the various studies, domestic violence can results in murder because once the disagreement between the spouses arises, a conflict evokes which eventually leads to grudges and finally killing each other. For instance, the story of "A Jury of Her Peers" shows that the accusation of Minnie Foster who alleged of killing her husband where Mrs Peter decides to choose between her inner feelings and law since her husband is sheriff of Dickenson County.

Also, domestic abuse may make one party have inner conflicts in a situation which results in psychological issues like stress or depression. For instance, Mrs Peter lives in a life of internal struggles because of the abuse she faces in her households. She is married to law and comprehends what Minnie has been encountering as well as the abuse of his husband, which makes her secluded from everything and everyone in the world. She has nothing or anybody either care or love, so she lives desperately.

Besides, domestic violence may disrupt living lifestyles in the young families leading to fear, eating disturbances or even anger a situation which affects the health. As shown by the story of Susan Glaspell, Mrs Hale experiences challenges in the homestead where she could not concentrate on taking breakfast because her husband Lewis chase her and leaves the kitchen without making the bread. It shows that failure to solve family conflicts may lead to even malnutrition.

However, domestic violence may make women come out of the comfort of the zone and struggle towards gender equality. For instance, Susan Glaspell "A jury of Her Peers" lives in a society where the males are the dominant and subject women to the household chores. But Susan tries to portray the Midwest based on her work "local colour in Trifles" to show the potential of women towards eradicating gender inequality (Gomes, 2018). In her story, she uses diction mainly where she describes the action of women as "they rummage via unusual messy kitchen" to hold the attention of the readers and develop complexity until the end of the story. Hence, various studies have shown that most domestic violence is as results of gender disparities where one spouse feels superior to the other.


As a result of previous studies regarding the impacts of gender inequality on domestic violence among families in the societies, the issue of gender disparities, and abusive husbands has raised eyebrows in different young families globally. For this reason, the purpose of my study will be to explore the influence of gender disparities on domestic violence among young families, emphasizing women and men roles and responsibilities. I will base my research proposal on the gender inequality on domestic violence theoretical perspectives while employing systematic literature view. By reviewing the multiple studies, I will be able to gain insights into the problem of domestic violence through my findings of the research study.


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