Internship Progress: Verbal, Non-Verbal, & Written Means

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Date:  2023-01-27


My internship comprised of verbal, non-verbal, and written means. My supervisor visited me regularly to interview me on the general progress; challenges am going through while at the hotel. To express his satisfaction, the supervisor could express by smiling and nodding to show agreement. Sometimes the professor sends some newsletters via mail. I like his character because he is oriented towards problem-solving.

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Sources of Information for This Field

To gain knowledge and information regarding this field, I had researched on journals such as Internship on the Professional Development and Industrial Perception in Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research. I had also observed my peers who were in Internship in big hotels. I had previously visited several websites such as STAAH | Hotel Management, Capterra | Hotel Management, and Hotelogix, which deal with hotel-related services.

Experience of the Internship in Changing My Career

Firstly, the placement gives me real word experience. By joining the company as an intern, am allowed to do a job in a professional environment. AI m not enjoying the services at the hotels only but gaining work experience in a more real way. It's through my work as an intern that I get to understand better the career path I am pursuing. Am taking my internship as a life exam testing several career options and skills one may be possessing.

Through attending several meetings and seminars within the organizations, I feel the internship is building my network. Am getting used to interacting with professional and making new connections. I am also gaining communication skills by observing my skills in different environments. I have learned to communicate with different people within the organization more decently and professionally.

Sincerely, it's through my internship that I have been able to meet several professionals within my field. Through networking, I have gained references and realized new job opportunities. I have also had a chance to meet my mentor, who has helped me explore a broader scope in my career.

The internship has helped me improve on time management. As an intern, I am slowly becoming a master when it comes to time management. While working in this particular fast-paced environment, I have learned that every second count. Time management is an important aspect when doing anything starting from making phone calls, finishing jobs within the set deadlines, or even when attending meetings. I have realized why I should be punctual in anything I do in a day to be successful.

The internship has been my mirror in my Career foundation. The course has provided me with the main pillars which I require to have a bright future. Through the fact that internship opportunities arise, I have managed to set a strong foundation for my career. Hospitality has been my favorite choice, being selected as an intern in this organization; it abides by my career prospects and interests.

Being an intern in the Hospitality field adds a strong element in the resume. Most organizations ask for experience while recruiting. The internship will help build experience with other students. The probability for my potential employers to hire me are high, considering my internship and work experience rather than when I got no experience.

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