Isuzu Australia Limited: Leveraging Collaboration Technologies for Distribution and Marketing - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-07


Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has one of the largest dealer networks in Australia that has been the driving force of the business (IBM Australia Limited, 1). IAL decided to use collaboration technologies to market and distribute its products, the Isuzu trucks, across Australia. The company wanted to connect with its dealers across the network to heighten the speed and accuracy of the transaction process while ensuring effective communication between its clients, business partners and the company headquarters (IBM Australia Limited, 1). The need to update the systems was prompted by the company's need to get access to the latest and updated information from the head office. The collaboration technologies would create a centralised platform where all data could be managed and distributed between the company and dealers, thus facilitating IAL's productivity. The company saw collaboration technologies as an opportunity to improve the issuance of information, minimise resources such as time and money and eliminate errors associated with the manual delivery. The collaboration technologies came with a lot of benefits to the company both in the internal environment, such as enhanced communication between staff and the external environment.

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IAL's operating manager, Anika Morhall was tasked with identifying and selecting an online portal and relevant management that the company would require to establish new collaboration technologies that would replace the manual system being used at the time. The company turned to IBM Workplace Web Content Management, IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus tools such as Lotus Quickr, (IBM Australia Limited, 1). The software provide web portals that enable enterprises to offer highly personalised customer social experience using a centralised communication platform. The software's ability to ensure the management of dual content made them appropriate for the company to meet the needs of its partners through enhanced collaboration. Components like instant-message for decision making and publishing of data through portals made the software appropriate for the company that was seeking for effective and collaborative communication to facilitate transparency and accountability within the organisation (IBM Australia Limited, 1). Therefore the identified software were selected because they were capable of meeting all the company's needs in the market.

IAL also acknowledges the use of Wikis systems in its operations to facilitate faster and simpler transfer and sharing of information. Wikis is a web-based technology that offers a collaborative platform that information can be shared externally between shareholders and partners and internally between employees (Hu & Erik, 497). In addition to the technology being one of the best collaborative tools, Wikis' mapped networks of professionals and experts in the business field help organisations to make project progression easily (Clark & Jeffrey, 453). In IAL, the technology is used to foster internal communication as staff can publish information and post it on the portal on their own. For instance, Wikis also offers instant messaging that facilitate quick decision making as workers no longer have to rely on emails. Wikis central document repository is also used by IAL to post updated information online, thus fostering the confidence of users as they are assured of the latest versions of data. The company no longer uses emails to send announcements as users can get updated by simply logging into the portal and accessing the information already posted.


Conclusively, IAL will encounter numerous challenges while implementing groupware. For instance, confusion is likely to arise among users as some of the IAL members may not be ready to use the new technology. Groupware can only be effective where a larger percentage is willing to embrace its implementation and failure to which may force IAL to go back to its manual communication system. In addition, implementation of the new technology requires training of the end-users on how to manoeuvre and use the systems effectively; otherwise, they will be useless. The economic feasibility of implementing groupware is also in question as its effectiveness is still in doubt, and the team members have to be convinced on why a specified amount is worth budgeting for the systems. The company requires to employ trained and qualified staff for the ICT department who would train the users and explain to them the significance and possible disadvantages of implementing the systems to eliminate confusion while convincing the board as to why they should implement groupware, thus eliminating any form of resistance from IAL team members.

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