Toyota Website: Executing the Sales Funnel Strategy for Optimal Results - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-07


Toyota Company's overriding application of their website is to execute the sales funnel strategy. The features of psychological design have the potential of completely drawing a client's interest in buying a specific brand from company. The organization, therefore, uses their website to categorize their stores from modern designs, cars and minivans, trucks, hybrid and fuels, and crossovers and SUVs (Chiarini & Vagnoni, 2015). Toyota's website, therefore, gives the clients access to the company's products in a particular way since it categorizes the products in terms of prices and designs. Viewing the company's products is therefore made easy since the bulk that may have been the case when the products were under one classification lessens by the categorization process. The website thus allows potential clients to capture the organization's products from different search engines. The link to the site is The website complements the overall operation of the organization.

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A click on the link grants access to the available designs with the samples for different views. On the new design of cars in the company, the link displays them on the first pages of the website with the price and category under which the model falls. The customers are therefore kept alert of the company's new arrivals keeping them involved in the company progresses. The website also has provisions for comments and inquiry by displaying the contacts of Toyota Company on the website for any clarification required by a client.

When an organization's website goes live, the volume of access increases immediately to improve the overall amount of sales. Most businesses have reverted to the use of the website as a tool for enhancing sales by generating online leads to their stores. The IKEA Company has an international operation responsibility, and so, the organization through the management have a website that primarily makes leads to their online stores. The website displays the company's furniture in the best light and directing the potential clients of the specific areas where their products could be physically accessed. The IKEA's website,, has comprehensive clips showing the assembling processes of their furniture-making most clients to feel that that they have the best products due to efficiency and simplicity (Garnier & Poncin, 2019). The strategy has increased the volume of the company's sales since watching the clips from their website makes the products appear less bulky, and so, many customers always buy them regardless of their locations.

The primary information in the company's website describes the supply chain procedures that explain to clients how the company's furniture moves their products from their stores to the clients on purchases. Besides, the specific locations of physical stores in the world are highlighted in the websites with their museums where major launch takes place. The IKEA's website generally shows the company's products and the essential information to the potential clients in the most appropriate light.

E-commerce avenues require websites for general business operation. Amazon Company is an e-commerce agency where transactions majorly occur online. The company, therefore, has a website which acts as their leading shop where their clients acquire their products and services in exchange for money. The website provides the clients with a platform to select a product of their choice, the payment procedures, as well as the download procedure for the chosen product after payment (Amazon, 2015). The Amazon website is an automatic platform that procedurally directs a client with diligence on the vital purchasing steps while granting the buyers the navigation capabilities to acquire any product by moving from one point to the other. The ability therefore gives an excellent customer experience since they are at liberty to get whatever they need. The company's website is (Amazon, 2015). A click on the link automatically directs a client to the store.

The website displays pictures of the products with the departments under which each product falls with the specific shipping rates and policies. The website grants opportunities for a client to sell their items via their platforms as well as advertising them (Fournier, 2014). Since Amazon primarily operates on an e-commerce platform, the website has a search section where a potential client can click and locate a particular product. Also, information concerning the product that Amazon stocks are also contained in the website to give the clients any required resource for a transaction like the organization contacts and email addresses for Amazon

Summary of the Lesson Learned

I, therefore, feel that websites are essential for corporations since through viewing the information and the products displayed and getting convinced, end-users always contact the companies over their competitors. This is because we live in a visually-intensive environment where we are always convinced by what we see more than what we hear. Besides, the websites are critical assets of corporations since they keep businesses running regardless of physical customer-care. In my opinion, any international organization that intends to survive in the increasingly competitive business environment need to invest in the websites. Through the investment, more leads will be generated into the organization to increase the volume of sales, which the primary aim of organizations.


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