Leadership and Conflict Resolution: Essential for Group Development - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-26


In most places where social interaction is involved, leadership is also included because through leaders, and there tends to be easier management. Where groups or teams are working together, conflicts are likely to occur more often than not because of the variation of ideas based on human nature. Although in the same group, there is also development, there should be tranquil ways of dealing with the conflicts that may occur at any given time. There may be critical issues leading to the various disputes among team members. A working environment is tampered with where team members are not in terms because there tends to be a lot of evil blood roaming among them; therefore, hindering the members from concentrating on work only. The only way through which the conflicts can be dealt with is through good leadership and teaching the members on how to deal with conflicts using methods that will not tamper with the working environment (Carte & Deines, 2019).

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Virtual teams have developed as a result of the increase in technology levels that contributed to the enhancement of communication and new opportunities for development. Through technology and organization, the virtual team members can engage in various tasks that enable them to help the organization make steps ahead using their skills. The multiple people are organized in such a way that they exist in different geographical locations, and they are still able to communicate on the various strategies to help their organization. In the process, there may be conflicts that may hinder effective services on behalf of the organization (Kankanhalli, Tan & Wei, 2019). This paper seeks to discuss the various conflict management ways in virtual teams and the issues that contribute toward the rising of conflicts among the team members.

Causes of Conflict Among Virtual Team Members

Most of the times, the disputes in workplaces tend to be destructive but not in all cases. There are times that a conflict exists in a circumstance regarding the development. Other issues contribute to battles, as will be discussed below.

First, the most common cause is interpersonal conflicts. It is an issue that affects some people in the same working place. It goes to a severe extent where the dispute cannot be resolved amicably. It gets difficult to determine such kinds of conflicts because those involved cannot avoid the issue, and therefore, working also becomes a problem. There may be important issues that require communication which cannot be easily achieved. It gets dangerous to the point that some people end up quitting, for instance, where a person is not in good terms with their boss and therefore have to leave the job. The issue of interpersonal conflicts among virtual team members is, however, minimal because the teams concentrate more on achieving the goals of the organization (Ferrazzi, 2012).

The Second Is That the Virtual Teams Have Not Met Face to Face

hence making it challenging to communicate with persons that you hardly know. Therefore the conflicts among the virtual team members are likely to occur more often, and controlling the disputes is not easy. The performance where such conflicts exist tends to be sparse and minimal compared to when people know each other and communicate efficiently. Coming up with solutions to issues also gets more comfortable, and there is also easier management, unlike where people do not know each other. The chances of dealing with a conflict where people meet via video calls or non-physical contact make a situation worse because a conversation where there is more of physical contact gets easier than where people are in two different geographical areas without ever having a physical connection at any given time. People have different ways of understanding things; therefore, this method is difficult to resolve conflicts (Petersen, 2014).

The third is the issue of variation in the means of communication. Different organizations have different capabilities of their technological enhancements. Some use electronic-computer based forms, whereas others are still in the process of growing, therefore, have not reached the levels of those already using the latest technological devices. This is, however, acceptable because everyone cannot be on the same level. Looking at such an issue, for those who are much ahead, communication with the rest becomes difficult just like it is the case for those who still need to catch up. Therefore there is a difficulty when it comes to communication because, at the time, it may break down. The problem is not only with the technological enhancements but also with the rest who may be on the same level, but still, there may be problems with the networks or electricity. This means that whenever there is a case like that, the communication and work has to be put aside especially in the cases where there are no back-up plans (Griffith, Mannix & Neale, 2014).

As a result of looking for new ways to develop an organization through virtual teams, there is a need to create also trust among the virtual team members. Doing so enhances the manner through which the virtual team members can communicate (Bhat, Pande & Ahuja, 2017). This then leads to the issue of trust. Most of the times where communication is a critical element of work, if there is no mutual trust among the members of the team, then communication is not accessible. Therefore faith is a critical component of not only communication but also plays a part in contributing to a thriving business environment. A team can work efficiently where they have trust as one of the foundational elements that they have based their development on as they work together to achieve the set goals (Bhat et al., 2017). Mutual trust is a contributing factor to the growth of the team members that help to work for the good of the company. The members have to trust each other and therefore boost their performance for product.

Last but not least, there is also conflict based on tasks that also affect virtual teams. At times the performance may not be as effective as is expected that may lead to a conflict among the virtual team members. In most cases, the conflict is based on not agreeing to various subject matters when it comes to the tasks allocated. At times the jobs are not performed to the best interests leading to breeding of conflicts. As a result of poor task performance, effectiveness, and efficiency performance reduces, therefore, making the whole team seem reluctant to the duties allocated to them. This leads to conflict among the team members towards the individual and working with such kinds of people gets tough (Bruyn & Nienbaer, 2014).

Virtual Conflict Management Styles

In a typical business setting, conflicts are likely to occur notwithstanding the type of work, the people involved or other circumstances; therefore, virtual teamwork is no exception to this case. Conflict can either be for development purposes or as a result of other issues as they have been discussed above. The conflicts that exist in the process of making the work environment acceptable are more manageable and effective (Petersen, 2014).

Having an adequate way to manage knowledge is one of the success factors that have generally been considered as a way through which businesses can achieve competition successfully. It is also a method through which conflicts can be dealt with much more quickly because acquiring increased levels of knowledge among the virtual team members promotes personal growth as well as growth for the development of the team as a whole. The managers should be responsible for ensuring that their teams are well equipped with the knowledge, especially to increase the effectiveness of the services that they offer for the development of the various organizations that they work for. There should be a neutral stand where a conflict exists to help counter the cause of the conflict (Chiravuri, Nazareth & Ramamurthy, 2014).

According to Huan & Yazdnifard (2012), there are various ways through which conflict can be dealt with, considering the fact there is increased technology.

Avoidance style- where people try all they can to be away from conflicting issues. The most common scenario is when people pretend that all things are beautiful, yet they have an unsettled issue with a colleague. The people who use this style always tend to ignore the situations that may end up bringing up conflicting situations.

Passive-aggressive technique- the technique is popular among the people who may seem less concerned about one issue at one time and then during the other, they become affected and aggressive. They may act like they do not have power yet in other ways, do intentional things that tend to reduce efficiency. At times they tend to tell their problems to other people and act indirectly.

Forcing technique- some people use convincing and aggressive kind of behavior to help them deal with conflict. Most of the times, other people are forced to do things to achieve their intended outcomes for their benefits. They may use fraud or duress to make the other parties compromise and agree to their terms as a way of dealing with conflict, which is generally seen as a harsh and unfair method. Conflict resolution should not be intimidating or causing harm to the parties involved. The aim is to promote a better working environment by dealing with their issues.

The compromising technique- in most cases, the technique often requires sacrifice from both partied involves that then helps them to counter the challenge that is in question. This method can be considered a fair method because both parties have to forego something for their good. The only issue may be the value of that which has to be foregone. At times the value may be different; therefore, there may be difficulty in agreeing to the terms that have to be arrived at in such a case.

Collaboration technique- this method is standard for those who deal with the issues in a manner that is in the best interest for both. The technique is ordinarily known as the problem-solving technique. The matters are dealt with openly and somewhat that in turn helps in dealing with the issue fairly. There is also more consideration on the neutrality of the parties and through an open means and proper communication among the parties. The style results in both appositive impact and agreement in the teams that had been involved in the conflict. Considering that the parties rarely meet, once in a while bringing their minds together this tome, not through the modes of communication through the internet helps them to counter the existing challenges and come up with a positive outcome from their agreement.

Accommodating technique- the method mostly involves the use of other people's ideas to deal with their issues. The conflicts are dealt with by inviting other people to bring in their ideas and help them to resolve their conflicts. This method, at times, may not be effective because the people they invite may only look at the general case, and they do not consider the terms and relationship of the colleagues who are working together. Therefore, the mutual relationship between the team members may be destroyed in the process because it is not considered as the issues to be dealt with by outside parties.

According to Sudhakar (2015), there are also two types of traditional methods of dealing with conflicts. The first was the structural methods where the factors that lead to conflicting matters in projects most times. The second type is the process model that deals with the results and the events which the conflict resulted from. The process model is considered to be more practicable and changeable, while the structural method is rigid.

The process towards solving conflicts among virtual team members


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