Martha Stewart Living Omni Media - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-05-24

This is an Organization that deals with media and product merchandising. It was founded by the company Sequential Brands group in December 2015. The company focuses on the following business categories; broadcasting media, internet, publishing and merchandise product lines. This essay seeks to discuss the performance of the company, the value of its board of directors and their future in the corporate world.

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Effectiveness of board of directors

The board of directors regularly holds meetings to plan strategic operations of both short term and long term. These meeting make the board effective as they assist the organization in having strategic goals and targets. Also, the board meets from time to time to check the progress of the targeted goals therefore making their work very effective.

The board has the annual evaluation to assess the overall performance of the company with the oversight of Corporate Governance Committee, who compile the report and give the result of the assessment to the board who will evaluate it. The board of directors also has full access to each department of the organization at any time to assess their duties. This makes the board very effective in their performance.

Have the directors monitored and controlled the company?

The board plans the management to succeed the existing management. They have responsibility of choosing the best managers to replace the ones in office. The board has been effective in reviewing the strategic plans and the organizations objective. The board must consider the risk of investing in a certain project to before allowing the management to put their resources at risk. The board controls the organization by nominating the directors to run it, they appoint new members into the management hence and also help shape the effectiveness of the governing body in the organization,

The boards of directors monitor the organization by providing crucial advices and counseling to the managing body. The board also checks the performance of the organization and also evaluates how the executive management performance stands. Therefore the board monitors and controls the company.

Martha Stewart Compensation

as the founder of the Martha Stewart Living Omni Media, she is expected to receive a total of $4,794.278 as full compensation. Of the total amount she will receive, $1,907,692 will be salaries. No bonuses will be awarded to her. She will receive a stock of $2,886,586 which comes from other types of compensation. She will receive $0 as stock awarded.

MSO current financial position

Today, the organization is trying to return to media market through another venture as compared to the last term. It has new partners including Macys, KB Home and Gallo that is Martha Stewart vintage wines. Although Martha Stewart suffered greatly from the Insider scandal, it appears the company is rebounding and making its way back to the business.

MSO future takeover

With the heavy investment from the new partners, the company is expected to increase its market command. Sales and revenue are also expected to increase. The company therefore is expected to give a stiff competition to our rivals. The new companies are expected to add customer brands in homes, active categories, lifestyle and fashion. Quality merchandise is expected o flood the markets soon and the company must ensure they keep up with the pace.

Selecting Martha Stewards will be the companys global brand. These will the appealing nature of the company to customers. A lot of merchandise will flood the market sooner than later. However, the company will only become competitive that more their rivals if the quality of the office. The company has a future in control of merchandise products. The

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