Leadership Development Plan - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-04

Section 2: Accelerate your learning by envisioning the future

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Recall your leadership blind spots and vision from section 1, what learning agenda or opportunities (formal and informal experiences) will help you move your leadership vision forward? For example, your learning agenda might include academic coursework, mentoring or training programs.

#1: Continual learning- my aim is to complete my academic coursework. I believe that by completing my coursework, I will be able to master new technical information and knowledge that will be helpful in the course of my career. Moreover, I will aim to attend mentoring and training programs in pursuit of self-development. I also believe that the mentoring programs are a good way to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to work on improving them.

#2: Moreover, I want to be a leader who is open to change and new information. Flexibility is essential in leadership because it helps a leader to respond to new information, changing conditions, and any other unexpected obstacles (Yukl, 2013).

#3: Additionally, I believe that team building is a great way to inspire, guide, and motivate my students towards achieving their professional as well as personal goals. Considering the fact that my colleagues did not view me as a great team member, I want to work towards building and developing cooperative working relationships. Furthermore, teamwork is a great way to foster commitment, build trust, and guide students (Llopis, 2013). Additionally, team building is a great way to develop leadership in my students since it encourages mentoring, coaching, and guiding students.

#4: While maintaining accountability, developing resilience is vital. Resilience will help me to handle pressure and still focus on attaining my goals. It will help me to remain persistent, optimistic, and recover from setbacks. This will be an important tool considering the fact that I have a family.

Write your personal mission statement. These tactical ideas that will help you accomplish your personal leadership vision

To attain the highest level of professionalism through the provision of mentorship to cater for the constant changes in the developing world. To help students and my colleagues achieve their full potential through maintaining high levels of honesty, creativity, and accountability.

Rewrite your personal mission statement incorporating your learning agenda and your burning passion

To attain the highest level of professionalism through expansion of knowledge and helping students to arrive at their potential through the offering of mentorship and guidance while maintaining high levels of honesty, creativity, and accountability.

Section 3: Search for leadership opportunities and early wins

List three recent tough decisions or critical leadership moments. How would you approach these opportunities differently next time in order to achieve early wins?

#1: Failing to attain some of my short-term goals in good time was a real setback for me. However, I have learned that establishing an item priority list where I can determine goals to achieve during the first few months is critical towards attaining long-term goals. Priority lists outlines goals and things that need to be done in urgency and helps one to set specific timelines in which he or she can attain these goals. Failing to have one can create a mix-up and make it difficult to give priority where it matters (Llopis, 2013).

#2: Recently I was in a dilemma. I was torn between carrying out an urgent family matter and attending to my students who were in need of some professional help. After some thinking, I choose my profession over my family something am not proud of. It is not that my profession is important over my family or vice versa; it is because both are significant in my life. I was undecided which one to choose over the other. However, I have learned the importance of identifying one key area that I can concentrate at a time without interfering with the other (The International Hospital Federation, 2015). By doing so, I can divide my time for different tasks wisely and complete tasks efficiently. Also, it helps me avoid shoddy work which does not align with my vision and mission.

#3: Moreover, I miscalculated the time it would take to pursue a certain community project I was undertaking. This error caused me a lot of valuable time that could be invested doing something else. However, I have since learned the importance of initiating pilot projects. Resourceful pilot projects are essential in determining materials needed and the standards to be attained in the process of completing the specific tasks.

Section 4: Align your unit with the organization and then take risks

Select three strategic realignments for your unit that will provide the largest return for both your unit and the organization. What are they? How will you accomplish them? Whose help will you need?

#1: Having a strategic realignment plan that is ideal for an organization is essential towards attaining overall success. Such a realignment model needs to be centered on objectives. Objectives are the starting point in a strategic realignment process. They lay the roadmap for everything that needs to be accomplished in the organizations strategic plan. Therefore, to achieve the success I will design long-term objectives that will focus on team building and gain of knowledge. Among these long-term objectives is to acquire knowledge that will be vital in my career through completion of my DHS program. Help from my colleagues will important in attaining this objective. Moreover, I will aim to develop my students knowledge and technical skills by encouraging them to engage in research to widen their knowledge in nursing practice.

#2: Secondly, I will set achievable, measurable, and well-suited goals that align with the organizational goals. My goals will be to exercise good leadership skills that will enable my students to attain their personal goals. Moreover, I aim to expand my knowledge through attending relevant courses and mentorship programs. The experience will equip my students to be the best in nursing practice. Moreover, I will maintain accountability during my practice and take responsibility for all my decisions and actions despite their outcome. Additionally, I will encourage and participate in team building to bring out the best in my students in both their personal and professional life.

#3: Strategies. Attaining success is my overall goal in this process. To attain this, I need specific strategies that are well-informed and doable. Therefore, to achieve good leadership skills, I will attend regular training and mentorship programs on leadership. The programs should clearly elaborate good leadership skills for them to be helpful in my profession. Additionally, I will offer guidance to my students concerning the relevance of investing in good research papers in nursing. Well-researched papers are knowledgeable, informative, and evidence-based. They can contribute enormously to the field of nursing. To encourage team building, I will encourage students to be open-minded while sharing with their colleagues to gain much from experience (Marquis & Huston, 2009). Moreover, I will support teams that encourage diversity and different perspectives.

Section 5: Create coalitions, recognize contributions, and celebrate victories

After you have identified your current supporters, opponents, and convincible colleagues/employees, discuss three actions that could convert a convincible to supporter?

#1: Having a great team behind your back is important to any leader. To achieve this, a leader should bring positive energy and passion to the workplace every day. By doing this, a leader can easily convince even the employees who are not his side to join him. Many employees do not love a boring workplace. They want a place where they can do their work professionally and passionately. Therefore, it is important to be a leader who strives to achieve this kind of passion and energy. Spending time with the employees is a sure way to convince them to join my team. Spending time alone is not enough to persuade them. I also need to show them I care about their needs and know them not just as employees but as colleagues. Moreover, I need to illustrate to them I have their best interest at heart through offering them good motivation packages.

#2: Displaying great communication and listening skills is another way that I can convince employees to join my side. A great leader possesses the ability to influence others and for this to happen effective communication is necessary (Biro, 2013). I will carefully select my choice of words that impactful to entice the convincible to my side. Moreover, I will display good listening skills by listening to everyone irrespective of whether they are on my side or not. This way, I will be able to gain trust from everyone including those who are not on my side. A relationship that is built on trust inspires employees performance and encourages organizational growth.

#3: Moreover, mentoring can be an effective way to win over employees since they consider one a partner and not just the boss (Wong, Cummings & Ducharme, 2013). Displaying great mentorship skills can be an effective way to win employees on your side. While engaging in this practice, it is important to show respect and admiration for the work your employees are doing.

Recognition, particularly public recognition, is a valuable competency for a leader. As a Clinic leader, describe what constitutes effective recognition for an individual and group under your leadership.

Effective recognition should be timely, specific and, measurable. It should be given in the context of the organizational goals. An effective recognition entails real strategies that are well-defined and in alignment with the overall individual and group goals. Communicating clearly and from time-to-time is a good way to for the group members to understand the importance of the recognition program towards attaining their goals (Biro, 2013). Effective communication is aligned to the audience.

Moreover, adequate recognition entails on-spot-rewards such as gift certificates or acts of public recognition (Ameson, 2010). Making group members wait until the end of the year for recognition can be demoralizing to group members.

Furthermore, an effective recognition program should have measurable results. The effectiveness of the program can be measured through surveys and web-based reports.

Capstone Considerations: Creating Synthesis

Now that you have completed your Leadership Development Plan, you are ready to meet with your mentor and/or coach. What would you like the objective of that first meeting to be?

My first mentorship meeting should be centered on building trust with my mentor (Ameson, 2010). Therefore, I will try to know him or her at both a personal and professional level. However, during the whole process, a good professional relationship should be maintained. The meeting will involve a lot of sharing of inspiring personal achievements, stories, career, and life lessons.


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